Report illegally dumped rubbish

Illegal rubbish dumping is on the rise in Cardinia Shire. 

Between 2016 and 2018, dumping cases have increased from an average of 60 to 100 cases per month. 

Commonly dumped items include furniture, tyres, mattresses, clothes, dirty nappies, food waste, packaging and building materials containing asbestos. Many dumped items are hazardous and can contaminate land or pollute waterways. 

Dealing with illegally dumped rubbish is very costly for Council. It also negatively impacts our environment, is unsightly and makes people feel less safe.

Read about our trial of CCTV cameras at dumping hotspots

Please report any incidences of rubbish dumping.

By doing this, you play a very important role in helping us track down people who dump rubbish, and in helping make Cardinia Shire a cleaner and safer place.

Valuable information we need from you

In your report, please provide photos (if it is safe to take them) and/or information including:

  • the location, date and time of the offence and the offender’s appearance
  • vehicle registration details
  • vehicle colour, make and model

Don’t touch or remove the rubbish – you may put yourself in danger or remove valuable evidence.

Report illegal dumping online using this service request form.  

During business hours: Call us on 1300 787 624 to make a report.

After hours: Call the Environment Protection Authority Victoria 24-Hour hotline on 1300 372 842

Offenders may be charged under the Environmental Protection Act 1970 and if found guilty, face a maximum penalty of $6342.