Litter and illegally dumped rubbish

  • Please report any incidences of rubbish dumping on Council land. By doing this, you play a very important role in helping us track down people who dump rubbish, and in helping make Cardinia Shire a cleaner and safer place.
  • Litter can cause many issues to the environment, people’s health and safety, and financial costs. 
  • We support community members who safely pick up litter. 

Yellow and black warning tape design: "illegally dumped rubbish under investigation"

In Victoria it is illegal to dispose or bury any kind of waste at a location that isn’t licensed to accept it, including private land. Dumped rubbish can include furniture, building rubble and garden waste, and has significant impacts on our environment, is a risk to our health and is expensive to manage.

We investigate and action all reports of illegal dumped rubbish. Offenders may be charged under the Environmental Protection Act 2017 and if found guilty, face a maximum penalty of $9879 or 50 points. 

Tips to report dumped rubbish

  • Do not touch or remove any ID as you may remove valuable evidences.
  • Do not approach the person if you witness them dumping rubbish as you may put yourself in danger

Report online 

Report illegal dumping online 

Report by phone or email 

During business hours: 1300 787 624 or 

After hours: Call the Environment Protection Authority Victoria 24-Hour hotline on 1300 372 842 

Litter is anything that has been disposed of incorrectly and can end up in our streets, parks and waterways. 

Litter can cause problems for: 

  • animals and the environment 
  • the health and safety of our community
  • attracting more litter and other types of vandalism (such as graffiti, property damage). 

Littering is a crime under the Environment Protection Act 2017 and the most visible sign of pollution. 

Report litter or littering 

For more information go to our Clean Up Australia Day in Cardinia Shire webpage

Our Local Law requires supermarkets and retailers with more than 25 trolleys to take proactive measures to reduce the number of trolleys left in the streets.  

If you find an abandoned trolley, report it to the relevant owner for collection. Trolleys are usually collected within 24-72 hours depending on scheduled collections. 

If a trolley is not collected within 72 hours after reporting or is from a retailer not listed below, call Council on 1300 787 624 or report online

Coles /1st Choice Liquor 

Go to the Coles ‘Report an abandoned trolley’ webpage or call 1800 876 553 


Call 1800 876 553

Woolworths / Dan Murphy’s / Big W 

Go to Trolley Tracker’s ‘Report a Trolley’ webpage or call 1800 641 497 


Go to Aldi’s ‘Report ALDI's Lost Trolley or Catalogues’ webpage 


Call 1300 554 777 


Call 1300 633 423