Recycling information


Your recycling bin (with the yellow lid) is collected every 2 weeks.

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We have resumed sending residents’ kerbside recycling to the processor from Monday 29 April 2019, following SKM's Hallam transfer station’s re-opening after addressing stockpiling issues at this site and its other processing sites which caused the processor to cease accepting materials. View our news item.

Your recycling bin has a yellow lid and is collected every 2 weeks.

  • Put the right items in your recycling bin otherwise it may not be collected.
  • Empty items before they go in the bin but don’t worry too much about rinsing them first.
  • Squash bulky containers down. Lids can be recycled too; just screw them on to their containers.  
  • Don't place items for recycling in a garbage or plastic bag - put them loose in the bin. However plastic bags and flexible plastic packaging must be ‘bagged up’ in a plastic bag, then this bag is put in your recycling bin.
  • plastic bags (such as supermarket shopping bags) and soft, flexible plastic packaging (make sure it is contained in a plastic bag)
  • cans (aluminum and steel) – including aerosols
  • cardboard – including milk and juice cartons, pizza boxes (remove any leftover food)
  • foil and foil trays (save small pieces and scrunch into a ball larger than to golf ball)
  • glass bottles and jars
  • pots and pans (no glass lids)
  • paper – including books, magazines, envelopes and unsoiled paper towels

You can also recycling plastics that hold their shape including:

  • broken hard plastic toys (no batteries)
  • plastic bottles and containers – including bottle tops, takeaway boxes and yoghurt pots
  • plastic plant pots
  • other hard plastic household items such as CD cases and tupperware