Bins - report or request

  • Please use the online form further down this page to report an issue or make a service request about the bin issues listed below.
  • If your issue isn't listed here, you'll probably find it via the Rubbish and recycling page

Report a missed bin

Missed bins need to be reported to us within 48 hours of the collection day.

Please wait until after 4pm on your scheduled collection day before reporting that the bin was missed – unless your neighbours' bins on each side have been emptied already.

After reporting it to us, please leave your full bin out on the kerb.

Bin broken or damaged

1. Report a broken or damaged bin using the online form below.
2. Put your bin out to be emptied on your normal collection day.
3. After being emptied, leave your bin out on the kerb to be repaired or replaced (this usually occurs within a few days of your bin being emptied).

Bin missing or stolen

Report it to us using the online form below. 

Order new or additional bins

Additional bins can only be ordered by the property owner or managing agent, who must make their request in writing using the online form below or by emailing mail@ - More info: Order bins

Other general requests about bins

Report it to us using the online form below. 

If you prefer, you can report these issues by calling us on 1300 787 624 or emailing

  • After you submit your form, we'll send you an email with the reference number for your request.
  • Or, after submitting the form, you can scroll to the top of the form to view the reference number.