Cardinia Road Employment Precinct Structure Plan

The Cardinia Road Employment Precinct Structure Plan (September 2010) (PDF, 19MB) is an incorporated document in the Cardinia Planning Scheme with the associated Amendment C130 being gazetted on 4 November 2010.

Prepared by Council in conjunction with government agencies, service authorities and major stakeholders, it marks an important step in delivering the jobs needed in Cardinia Shire and Casey, allowing people to work closer to home. It outlines a framework for the development of a 595 hectare mixed-use industrial and business park located at the heart of Cardinia Shire’s 2,500 hectare employment corridor.

Cardinia Road Employment Precinct

The precinct will be a multi-functional regional employment node that delivers a range of jobs to Cardinia–Casey, interconnected with regional transport routes and rapidly growing communities.

An integrated business and industrial park and high density residential area, supported by a neighbourhood activity centre precinct, is set among extensive wetlands and biodiversity corridors. At full development, Cardinia Road Employment Precinct is expected to generate 18,500 jobs and will provide a major catalyst for attracting investment in the employment corridor.

The Precinct Structure Plan provides for the development of infrastructure, such as roads, intersections, drainage, parks, paths, bridges and bus stops, as well as the necessary services to support urban development and will facilitate the development of:

offices in a campus-style business park setting
a mixed-use activity centre to support workers, residents and businesses
combined showroom and warehouse or workshop floorspace for light industrial uses in high-visibility locations
industrial areas with direct connections to arterial roads and the Princes Freeway
a niche-residential community, with approximately 2,000 dwellings that will be home to 4,500 people

Cardinia Road Employment Precinct development contributions

Development contributions for the precinct will be made by agreement under Section 173 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 rather than a development contributions plan incorporated into the Cardinia Planning Scheme.

The Section 173 Agreement contains an infrastructure project list which is based on detailed costings of each project. The list provides a summary of the costs of all projects to be funded by development. A per square metre contribution rate has been calculated for the precinct which is a flat rate for all types of developable land. By entering into the Section 173 Agreement, land owners will satisfy the need to make development contributions under the development contributions plan overlay.

Conservation Management Plan for Growling Grass Frog

Conservation Management Plans (CMPs) for nationally-significant species usually require approval by the Federal Government. However, the Federal and State Governments have entered into a legally binding agreement, known as the Melbourne Strategic Assessment, that allows the Department of the Environment to approve CMPs where certain conditions are met. As a result, the Cardinia Road Employment Precinct Conservation Management Plan for Growling Grass Frog (September 2010) (PDF, 3.5MB) was approved by DSE in 2010. This means that where development occurs in line with the approved CMP, separate approval from the Federal Government will not be needed in order for individual properties to be developed.

Cultural Heritage Management Plan

We commissioned the Cardinia Road Employment Precinct Cultural Heritage Management Plan (November 2012) (PDF, 5.1MB) as part of the precinct structure plan process. It facilitates development in accordance with the approved Precinct Structure Plan, including delivery of services, roads, drainage, buildings and other works. Approved in 2012, there is no further requirement for developers to prepare individual CHMPs as part of the development process.

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