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Burning off

  • The Fire Danger Period ended for Cardinia Shire on Monday 16 March 2020. This means burning off is allowed in designated Bushfire Prone Areas in Cardinia Shire
  • Before you burn off, please consider using one of these methods to reduce your fuel load: the kerbside green waste bin collectionhard and bundled green waste collection, composting or mulching (we offer waste reduction rebates) or taking green waste to a local tip, transfer station or waste facility
  • If you need to burn off, follow the steps on this page (or refer to the Open Air Burning Policy) to check if your property meets the conditions to burn off without a permit, and the rules you need to follow.
  • If it doesn't meet the conditions, you may be able to apply for a permit to burn off. The online form is on this page. 
  • Please report an illegal burn off if you believe it does not meet the conditions below. 
  • Once the Fire Danger Period starts later in 2020, you must not burn off. 
  • You can only burn off without a permit if you are in a designated Bushfire Prone Area (BPA).  
  • The days on which you can burn off vary according to your property size. 

Follow the steps below to generate a free online report that tells you if you are in a designated BPA, as well as your property size. 

  1. Go to DELWP's Maps and spatial data website and enter the property’s street address. Wait for the 
  2. Click the 'Property PDF' button. 
  3. Check whether it says the property is in a designated bushfire prome area or not. 
  • I'm NOT in a designated BPA: Burning off is not allowed without a burning off permit. You can apply for a burning off permit here.
  • I AM in a designated BPA: Note down the size of your land (this information is in the report) then go to step 2. 

Once you have worked out that you are in a designated BPA, you can burn off without a permit if you follow these rules for your property size. 


Property size less than or equal to 20 hectares(49.42 acres)

Property size greater than 20 hectares (49.42 acres)

Days on which open air fires are permitted

Friday, Saturday and Monday

All days except Sunday

Number of open air fires permitted



Distance required between the fire and any structure

10 metres 

30 metres

Fire break required

(that is, a clear area around the fire with only earth/soil and very low cut grass and no other materials that can burn)

3 metres

6 metres

Maximum pile size of  material to be burnt

8 cubic metres 

(that is, 2 metres long, 2 metres deep and 2 metres high)

64 cubic metres

(that is, 4 metres long, 4 metres deep and 4 metres high)



Burning off is only allowed if you follow all the rules below:  

  1. You cannot burn off on Total Fire Ban or smog alert days. To check if it's a Total Fire Ban day, go to the CFA website. To check if it's a smog alert day, check EPA AirWatch
  2. Fires must be supervised. A person 18 years or over with the means and ability to put the fire out must be present for the whole time the fire is alight. 
  3. The purpose of the fire must be to reduce fuel on your property. It cannot be lit for commercial or industrial purposes. 
  4. You can only burn dry vegetation, not green vegetation. Hard rubbish, household waste, flammable liquids or commercial or industrial waste is strictly not allowed to be burnt.
  5. Fires must not cause risk to other properties. 
  6. Smoke from the fire cannot reduce visibility on any roads.
  7. Fires must not cause problems for other people. It must not be unreasonably offensive or a nuisance to another person – particularly from the smoke it creates. 
  8. You need to put the fire out if an authorised person tells you to. Fires must be immediately put out if a member of an emergency service or Council officer directs you to do this.

If your fire meets all these conditions: you can burn off. Go to step 4. 

If you cannot meet all these conditions: you can apply for a burning off permit

Tips for burning off safely and considerately  

  • Let your next door neighbours know you are going to burn off, at least 24 hours prior to the burn.
  • Make sure you have a hose ready to hose down the fire, and that any other fire protection equipment is ready. 
  • The wind speed at the site of the fire should not be more than 20 kilometres per hour.

Before you light your fire/s, you must register your burn off at least 2 hours before you burn, so the CFA don't get called out. 

There is no cost to apply for a burning off permit. 

Apply online for a burning off permit 

Contact the Emergency Management team
Ph: 1300 787 624