Building community resilience

Community emergency resilience refers to a community’s ability to ‘bounce back’ after emergency events or very stressful events such as natural disasters, economic downturn, pandemics and other crises.

Connected communities are more resilient and have a higher capacity to withstand and recover from major emergency events.

Our role

We work with communities to build resilience by:

  • asking communities for feedback on, and helping them identify, their perceived risks
  • helping them to develop community actions in response to these risks.

Watch this page for information and updates on new projects.


This project aimed to build the resilience of the Upper Beaconsfield community through engagement and community strengthening activities.

Through forums and community surveys conducted in 2018, residents were asked to identify their strengths as a community, and to think about what they could do to become more resilient.

Biggest perceived risks identified

  • 95% of survey respondents identified fire and extreme weather events as the biggest perceived community emergency risks.
  • Many respondents said strengthening community connections was important for building resilience in the local community.

As a result of this community feedback, the Upper Beaconsfield Fuel Management Project was developed. Council is also supporting the Upper Beaconsfield Community Centre to hold a Neighbour Day event on March 31st 2019.

Design of the promotional poster for the Uppper Beaconsfield Community Resilience Project

Upper Beaconsfield Fuel Management project

The Upper Beaconsfield Fuel Management Project aims to address bushfire risks across public and private land. It has been developed based on the community feedback received in the Upper Beaconsfield Building Resilience pilot project.

A community stakeholder committee has been formed to develop community actions. Currently, it is developing community-specific fuel management actions for implementation.

An information day was held in March to provide the most up-to-date data and advice to community.

Upper Beaconsfield Fuel Management Information Day

The Upper Beaconsfield Community Fuel Management Information Day was held on Sunday 31 March at the Upper Beaconsfield Community House.

This event aimed to provide residents and project members with:

  • expert information in regard to fuel management strategies
  • bushfire risk of Upper Beaconsfield
  •  the effect fuel management could have on these risks.

The day was well attended, with 37 community members attending.

Survey results from the Information Day was positive:

  • 81% of participants said they learnt something new
  • 49% said they spread own knowledge
  • 65% felt better prepared for the future
  • 59% agreed the event expanded their community network.

Find out more in the full Information Day report.

Online forum outcomes

The Upper Beaconsfield Have Your Say page allowed community members to share their ideas for bushfire fuel management.

An online forum was open for 1 month from 17 February to 17 March 2019. It was launched with a drop-in stall at the Upper Beaconsfield Festival and sucessfullyengaged a large number of Upper Beaconsfield residents.

The online forum generated:

  • 47 ideas (11 idea authors)
  • 42 vote (7 voters)
  • 16 comments (4 commenters)
  • 1264 page views (358 unique visitors)

Top themes in the ideas and votes of the forum:

Top themes


Number of Ideas/Votes

Open Air Burning


Planning Rules 




Public Land Management


Public Education


Private land Management


CFA Support


Green Waste 


Weed Management


Full online forum report

View more information on the online forum in the 'our Say' Feedback Summary report.

Community Fuel Management Working Groups

The Upper Beaconsfield Fuel Management Project Community has created the following working groups based on the feedback from the online forum and the community information day:

  • Increasing community/fire guard groups
  • Implementation Fuel Management Zoning and Actions Guide.
  • Open Air Burning Advocacy.

The community has identified these topics as their priorities.

These working groups will be meeting during the next 2 months to create action plans and project summaries to facilitate the implementation of these actions in the future.

Stakeholder Updates

Download and view the latest Upper Beaconsfield Fuel Management project stakeholder updates.

We have a great opportunity to work with Yarra Ranges Council to help community increase their bushfire preparedness in the Clematis and Menzies Creek townships. Collaborating with the local CFA, schools and other community bases, we are learning what community feels it needs to be more bushfire prepared and tailoring workshops based on this feedback. This project is supported by Safer Together and CFA.

We are asking community about their level of bushfire preparedness and perceived bushfire risk through the online forum that is on our Have Your Say page.

This survey will also be conducted face to face in the townships and closes 5pm 7 July 2019.

The survey data will inform what community would like to do to increase their bushfire preparedness.

Based on this information, Council will design workshops with the local CFA’s to increase knowledge and increase community connectedness.

Council will also deliver workshops in the local school and hold a competition to showcase the top two key messages on a postcard.

To become involved in understanding and building resilience before, during and after emergencies in your community, contact us at or 1300 787 624.