Apply to discharge fireworks in Cardinia Shire

  • Only licensed pyrotechnicians, or people under their direct supervision, can use fireworks in Victoria. Fireworks, pyrotechnics and firecrackers pose a high risk to the audience and people in the immediate vicinity of the event.   
  •  If you’re planning to use fireworks at an event on public land, you need to notify us at least 28 days prior to the event so we can assess your application.

You need to submit a copy of the Notification of intention to discharge fireworks form to us, after you’ve lodged it with WorkSafe. You can lodge this form online.

  • You need to notify us at least 28 days prior to the event.
  • Please follow the steps below.


  1. Event organiser to engage a technician with a current WorkSafe-issued pyrotechnician’s licence. Ask them to draft a plan for the display (including firing plan and risk assessment).
  2. Pyrotechnician to let WorkSafe know about the planned display by completing WorkSafe’s Notification of intention to discharge fireworks form.
  3. Pyrotechnician to let the CFA know about the planned display.
  4. Pyrotechnician to provide copies of the above documents to the event organiser.
  5. Event organiser to apply to Council to discharge fireworks.

You need to provide us with the following information by email or post:

  1. The date, time and location of the planned display
  2. The pyrotechnician’s contact details
  3. Copies of all WorkSafe documents (including the notification of intention to discharge fireworks form, firing plan and risk assessment)
  4. The stakeholder notification plan (including residents within 500 metres of the fireworks site, by post or letterbox drop within 14 days of the event)
  5. Current public liability insurance (minimum value $20 million).

We will then assess and respond to your application.


You can post, email or drop your application to us. 


Fireworks display application
Cardinia Shire Council
PO Box 7 
Pakenham VIC 3810 


In person

Cardinia Shire Council
20 Siding Avenue, Officer (view in Google Maps)

Worksafe website

Contact 1300 787 624 or