Fire hazard inspection program

Our Fire Prevention Officers inspect properties in the lead up to summer and during the CFA  declared Fire Danger Period to check if there are fire hazards that need to be addressed on private land.

If we inspect a property and find fire hazards, a Fire Prevention Notice is issued to the property owner. The notice outlines the works that must be done to fix the issue.

The notice is issued in accordance with the Country Fire Authority Act 1958.

Properties most likely to be inspected include: 

  • those in high fire risk areas 
  • vacant properties
  • properties that have previously been issued with a Fire Prevention Notice. 

If you receive a fire prevention notice, read it carefully. Make sure the works take place by the date stated in the notice.

After this date, the land will be re-inspected to see if the fire hazards identified in the notice have been fixed.  

If you do not comply with the notice, you may be fined up to $1,611, and/or you may need to cover the cost of us hiring a contractor to remove fire hazards, plus administration costs. Legal action may still proceed.

Important: you may need permits 

Before you prepare your property for the fire season note that you may need:

  • a planning permit to remove vegetation. Contact us on 1300 787 624 if you are concerned about overlays that may affect whether you can do the specified works.
  • a permit to burn off outside the fire danger period. Burning off is not permitted at any time during the fire danger period. 

How to get your property ready for the fire season 

To prevent being issued with a fire prevention notice, we advise that you: 

  • Slash all grass and weeds on your block so they are less than 10 centimetres high. Make sure you maintain this length during the fire danger period. 
  • Clear fallen branches and dead vegetation from around your property. 
  • Clean up fine fuels such as leaves, twigs and long grass and remove any rubbish. 
  • Larger rural and agricultural properties need to create a firebreak at least 10 metres wide along external fences by slashing grass and weeds to less than 10 centimetres. 

Go to the CFA website for more info on preparing your property

Get information on reporting a fire hazard

If you get a fire prevention notice and you are not sure what to do, contact us on 1300 787 624