Fixing issues with trees

We plant trees to give our streets shade, character, habitat and help with water run-off. You can help us to look after trees on our roads and in our neighbourhoods. We don’t maintain trees on private property.

We will:

  • remove a fallen tree/branch that is blocking access or unsafe
  • prune a tree touching a powerline
  • remove a tree stump or dead tree
  • treat a sick-looking tree
  • prune a tree that is blocking a path, driveway or sightlines
  • plant a tree on your nature strip.

We will prune a tree to clear the way or for safety reasons but we won’t lop trees to restore your view. If a tree on the nature strip falls onto your land we will pick up anything on Council land. You will need to deal with anything left on your land. We won’t spray for pests such as scale, lerp or termites, but we do treat elm leaf beetle on public trees. To find out more, read our Street Tree Policy.

We are unable to help you with:

Please don’t ask us to chop down a tree because it is dropping leaves or shading your solar panels.

To report a tree problem, please tell us:

  • which tree – tie something to the tree (and leave it tied to the tree for our arborist) then take a photo (to show it in the surroundings)
  • where – the street address or nearest intersection or crossroad + distance from a landmark, an intersection or driveway
  • details of the problem – how big is the branch (smaller than an arm, arm size, leg size, torso size or bigger?), is the tree unsafe, blocking a driveway, road or footpath.
  • Your contact details – phone number and email.

You can also ask us to plant a tree on your nature strip.

Please report your tree issue using the form further down this page. 

Tree emergencies – who to call

For urgent help with a tree:

  • on Council property that unsafe or blocking access, call us on 1300 787 624, 24/7 
  • on your property, call the SES on 132 500 
  • that is unsafe (especially during a storm emergency), call the SES on 132 500

We don’t maintain trees on private property. The resident or landowner is responsible for them. You may need a permit to remove vegetation on private property.

Hire a tree removal specialist for major pruning or removal so that work it is done safely.

If a neighbour’s tree is hanging over your boundary, we suggest you talk to them before doing any pruning. To find out about your rights and for help resolving a disagreement about a tree go to Dispute Settlement of Victoria: trees


We look after trees on council roads. Check the  register of Cardinia Shire public roads. Trees along main roads are maintained by VicRoads. To request maintenance call VicRoads on 1300 282 616.

We maintain trees around powerlines in Beaconsfield, Pakenham or Emerald. Report a tree that is too close to a powerline in these areas. In all other areas, trees around powerlines are maintained by AusNet Services. Contact AusNet on 1300 360 795.

Tree roots only enter water pipes that are already damaged. As the property owner you are responsible for maintaining stormwater pipes on your land.

We maintain stormwater pipes beyond private properties. If you have problems with your water pipes we recommend you call a plumber.

  • After you submit your form, we'll send you an email with the reference number for your request.
  • Or, after submitting the form, you can scroll to the top of the form to view the reference number.