Report long grass on Council land

If grass is overgrown on Council owned or managed land, you can use the general service request form to report the issue. 

Please report long grass along a major road to VicRoads

  • Sometimes when we get a lot of very heavy rain, the grass in some parks, reserves and nature strips is longer than usual. This is because when the ground gets very soggy, the large mowing machinery sinks into the ground and gets bogged or damages the turf. This means regular mowing can't take place in particularly wet areas.
  • Once these areas dry out, mowing will start up again.
  • Council slashes roadside grass all year round on an as-needs basis and the shire-wide seasonal roadside slashing program runs from November to January. If high rainfall persists throughout summer, we may undertake a second or third round of roadside grass slashing in the new year.
  • Grass mowing and slashing at parks and reserves ranges from fortnightly to every 3 months, depending on the needs at each location.