Apply to make changes to a nature strip

  • The nature strip is the land between your property boundary and the road kerb (excluding the footpath, driveways, utility pits and fire hydrants).
  • You cannot change a nature strip without our approval.You can apply to make changes to a nature strip via the form on this page. 

Council owns the nature strip but it is the responsibility of the resident or landowner to maintain it by:

  • weeding
  • mowing
  • removing rubbish, fallen leaves, sticks and tree bark
  • trimming edges. 

If the nature strip outside your property is not kept safe and tidy, you may be asked to fix the issue. If you do not take action as requested, you may be liable for a fine or be required to pay to restore the nature strip to good condition.

Other assets on a nature strip 

  • Street trees are maintained by the Council arborist.
  • Garden beds installed by the developer are maintained by the developer until handed over to Council.
  • Utilities such as street lights, utility pits and fire hydrants are maintained by the utility provider.

View our nature strip guidelines

Use our online service request form to report a nature strip that has long grass, is not being looked after, or is dangerous.  

You can make changes to a nature strip (such as planting a garden) if:

A permit will allow you to change the nature strip by putting in:

  • grass
  • a permeable surface (like mulch or gravel)
  • approved garden beds.

Note: you cannot remove or change your street tree. Contact our arborist on 1300 787 624 to discuss any issues you have with street trees.

Apply online to make changes to a nature strip
Download a printable application form