• Our drain maintenance works are done mainly to clear blockages that could result in flooding of roads or properties.
  • The drainage network includes open drains and underground pipes and pits.
  • The road drainage network consists of 'runoff', which is the water flowing from the surface of the road into the drainage network.
  • Please report any issues with drainage using the online form below. 
  • We are responsible for the barrel drain and associated pits in the road reserve or within formal drainage easements.
  • The property owner is responsible for making sure that the drainage system is clear. This includes all pipes up to, and including, the connection into the legal point of discharge.

Why drainage works are so important

Maintaining roadside drains is a vital part of our unsealed road maintenance works, as keeping the roads as dry as possible is vital for their condition and performance.  

The key reason for road issues (in both sealed and unsealed roads) is the presence of water on the road. This is because water finds its way into the tiny holes between the rocks in the road pavement. Then, when a vehicle drives on the road, it causes larger holes to form and erodes surrounding rock and dirt.



Grass or vegetation growing along or in surface drains is used to help manage water run-off and erosion. In steep areas, vegetation and grasses are used to slow down the speed of the water run-off to limit erosion to the area.

When we clear a surface drain, sections of the drain may be left with vegetation intact. This is intentional; it not only preserves flora and fauna but assists with sediment control.

If you would like to use the material removed from the surface drainage system call us on 1300 787 624.  Please note that material will only be supplied following authorisation from one of our town planning officers.


Report a problem with a drain online


1300 787 624