Before you burn off ...

The Fire Danger Period has ended in Cardinia Shire. Before you burn off, please ensure that you meet all the conditions and have registered your burn off beforehand. Click here to follow the steps to ensure a safe and legal burn off >

Pay your rates

You can pay your rates online, in person, or in instalments. Rates are calculated for the financial year. Your 4 instalments are due on the same dates each year:

  • 30 September
  • 30 November
  • 28 February
  • 31 May


You pay your rates in 4 instalments (as per s167(1) & (2) of the Local Government Act 1989).  If your instalments are paid late, you may be charged interest.

If you want to pay all 4 instalments at once, you must do so by the due date of the first instalment (30 September). We do not allow any other lump sum payments of rates.

Check your rates notice for instalment amounts. We send you a reminder notice before each instalment is due.

If you are struggling to pay your rates on time you can request a rates payment plan or apply for financial hardship

If you are the property owner, you can contact us to find out the rates amount due. Call us on 1300 787 624.

Direct debit payments (FlexiPay)

Pay in smaller amounts to suit your budget, such as weekly, monthly or quarterly. Set up rates direct debit payments

Email notices and pay online (eNotices)

Register for your rates notices to be emailed, view online notices and pay rates online

BPay – online or phone banking

Receive, pay and record your rates notices with online or phone banking. Contact your bank or go to BPay

Credit card payments via My Cardinia portal

Register to use our portal to manage all of your interactions with Council. Pay your annual or quarterly rates installments. 

Open MyCardinia

Other ways to pay

  • Regular deductions from your Centrelink payment via Centrepay (CRN: 555 012 959V) 
  • Use Post Billpay
  • Pay your rates in person at our civic centre, 20 Siding Avenue, Officer. 

If you’re facing financial hardship or worried about paying your rates, we can help. Call us on 1300 787 624 or see options on rates payment plans and applying for financial hardship