Request a rates payment plan or apply for financial hardship

If you’re facing financial hardship or having difficulty paying your rates talk to us about:

  • setting up a payment plan
  • paying by direct debit
  • applying for financial hardship.

Contact us to discuss the best option for you. 1300 787 624

Spread your rates payments out across the year. Each year you can sign up for a FlexiPay plan and choose to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. You can set up this direct debit arrangement online. Find out more about FlexiPay

Payment plans provide a flexible payment option that suits your individual circumstances.

Payment plans are offered as either:

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly

Payment plans are only valid for the financial year in which they are made and must be renewed when the annual rates are issued in August each year.

Interest will not be charged unless the payment plan is cancelled. 

To apply for a Payment Plan, complete the Rates Payment Plan application.

Alternatively, call 1300 787 624 to discuss your options. 

If you having difficulty paying this year's rates, we can help. When you apply for financial hardship, we review your eligibility and then contact you to discuss your options. This might include deferring your payments short term.

We recommend that you seek advice from a qualified financial advisor or counsellor. For free advice go to the National Debt Helpline

Apply for financial hardship for your rates and charges

Find out more – read our rates and charges financial hardship policy.

Need help completing this form? We can help. Phone our friendly customer service team on 1300 787 624 or come to the Civic Centre (9am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday).

If you are eligible you can apply for a $50 rebate on 2023–24 rates for your principal place of residence. Find out more about rates concessions and rebates.

  • You must pay each rates instalment by its due date to avoid being charged interest on your rates per year. (This is in accordance with Section 172 of the Local Government Act 1989).  
  • Legal action may also be taken to recover unpaid rates, and you may end up paying additional costs. 

To ask talk about how we can assist you to pay for your rates call us on 1300 787 624.