Solar Savers program

Our new Solar Savers Program supports local pensioners to install solar panels with no upfront costs.

The program will boost renewable energy in Cardinia Shire while helping pensioners to save on power bills and stay comfortable and well at home.

Solar savers is a partnership between more than 20 Victorian councils and four regional greenhouse alliances. It is part of our local action to tackle climate change. 

If you are found to be eligible to participate in the program:

  • We work with Solar Savers and other program partners to choose a quality, reliable solar system and a trusted installer to best suit your household and budget. 
  • Solar Savers then arranges a quote for the solar system and if you're happy they organise for it to be installed. 
  • You gradually pay off the system through your rates instalments at 0% interest. Power bill savings from the panels cover the cost of these repayments. Careful modelling has been done to make sure every household is at least $100 in front at the end of each year.

If you: 

  • own your own home
  • live in Cardinia Shire
  • have a government pension card (aged or disability) 
  • are usually home from 9am to 5pm (that is, you use most of your power during the day) 
  • believe you have average to high electricity use 

and are interested in taking part in this program, contact Solar Savers on (03) 9385 8512.


For more info go to the Solar Savers website or call Solar Savers on  (03) 9385 8512, or contact our Environment team on 1300 787 624