Protecting your bushland - Trust for Nature

More than 50 properties are looked after by landholders in Cardinia Shire through Trust for Nature's covenanting program.

Trust for Nature funding is made available on the expectation that the biodiversity values of the land are maintained and improved over time. We offer landholders who have entered into conservation covenants with Trust for Nature an annual rates rebate.


The amount offered is dependent on the size of the area protected. In 2018–19, the amount given to each landholder was based on $30 per hectare to a maximum of $500 and a minimum of $200. Multiple properties owned by a single landholder are assessed separately.

We annually contact each landowner to confirm contract details and ensure the property is being managed in accordance with the covenant

Cardinia Trust for Nature Covenanters Group comprises landholders around the hills of Cardinia Shire whose properties have been Trust for Nature covenanted. The group meets regularly to discuss land management issues and conservation covenants.