How to use iNaturalist

  • The iNaturalist app records your photos of native plants and animals that you see while out and about
  • Works on all devices (android and apple), with or without cell receiption or wifi
  • Helps you participate in citizen science and contribute to science

By using iNaturalist, you’ll be helping the global scientific community to better understand biodiversity in urban spaces and find ways on how we can improve its protection. 

Participating is easy! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download iNaturalist on your phone and create an account. 
  2. Go explore your garden, local park or reserve, wetland or creek, and streets and nature strips. 
  3. Look for plants, fungus and animals that you would like to record – indoor or garden plants, pets, captive animals, and humans don’t count. 
  4. Take a photo of each different plant, animal, or fungus you find and upload your observation to iNaturalist – make sure to include the location! This way the observations will automatically allocated to Cardinia Shire.
  5. Enjoy your time connecting to nature and inspire other people to join.
  6. Use iNaturalist to record your nature observations wherever you are.

If you haven’t used iNaturalist before or don’t feel confident navigating it, we recommend you check out these resources to learn a bit more about it before the challenge:

Contact our Environment and heritage team
 Ph: 1300 787 624