Temporary road closures

In response to resident requests and support, Kenilworth Avenue has been temporarily closed to through-traffic.

The short-term measures implement a closure to through-traffic installed under the railway bridge, which will encourage road users to use the surrounding sealed road network and significantly reduce the amount of traffic using Kenilworth Avenue as a thoroughfare.

Council’s most recent traffic investigations at the site revealed 90 per cent of traffic using the road was not residential and contained a significant portion of through-traffic. After consulting with residents abutting the road, a survey showed more than 90 per cent of households supported the closure.

The changes will:

  • significantly decrease the volume of traffic using Kenilworth Avenue
  • greatly decrease the impact of dust and improve the performance of the road
  • reduce the current safety issues in the road, and
  • allow Council to maintain this road in a more suitable condition until developer works can recommence to seal the road.

Access to properties

All residents east of the freeway bridge in Kenilworth Avenue and Thomas Street will need to access their properties via Brunt Road

All residents west of the freeway bridge in Kenilworth Avenue will need to access their properties via Beaconsfield (via the Station Street end of the road).

In addition, Council has notified all emergency services and waste contractors of the temporary road closure and any impacts on access.

Construction of road

Council is continuing to broker a way forward between the developer and contractor to have Kenilworth Avenue constructed as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the closure will be accompanied by appropriate traffic management (signage and physical barriers) and apply to all vehicles. It is expected to remain in place until the safety and construction issues are resolved.

Council is unable to advise a commencement date for construction works as this is between the developer and contractor to determine. However, we understand our community’s frustrations and remain committed to continuing advocating on your behalf until construction commences on Kenilworth Avenue.