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Report a problem with a road

  • Before you report a road issue to us, please follow these steps. 
  • Once you report the issue, we will respond to you in 3 business days.


Please check whether it's a Council road and scheduled for works using our unsealed roadworks checker tool


Check the register of public roads to see if the road is maintained by Council.


The quickest way to report the issue is by using the online form, but if you prefer, you can make a report by email or phone.

Ph:  1300 787 624


Please include the following information and attach a photo of the problem if possible. 

  • Your full name, contact number and email address
  • The name of the road you are requesting works for
  • The street number or landmark nearest to the issue 
  • What the issue is with the road, for example:
    • potholes
    • cracking
    • depressions/corrugations
    • drainage issues beside the road
    • flooding/water on the road
    • line markings not clear
    • visibility issues
    • slippery road surface
    • overhanging trees
    • something is blocking the road
    • oil on road. 

Providing us with accurate and detailed information means we can respond more quickly to your report. Thank you.