Road safety in Cardinia Shire

Council is strongly committed to improving the safety of our road network for all road users and pedestrians, as outlined in our Road Safety Strategy, Safer Community Strategy and Better Local Roads Programs. (links to all docs)

These include:

We’re a member of RoadSafe South East, a road safety committee made up of representatives from councils in the south east region and key agencies. We work in partnership to raise awareness and improve road safety across the region.

We're committed to improving the local road network as part of our Better Local Roads Program. This program includes all major road projects we deliver, including:

We’ve recently made it easier to report a problem with a road and made important improvements to the way we manage roads

  • We continuously advocate for improvements to major roads in Cardinia Shire, as well as for more transport options.
  • Public transport options are not as accessible in Cardinia Shire as in municipalities closer to the CBD. This leads to high levels of car dependency, which has safety, environmental, access, health, and financial impacts on the community.

We also advocate for road safety improvements in locations where crashes are occurring, then carry out these works when they’re funded through the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program.

Black spot works that have taken place during 2020 and 2021 in Cardinia Shire include:

  •  Avon Road, Cockatoo/Avonsleigh
  • Bessie Creek Road, Nar Nar Goon North (between Seymour and Moore roads)
  • Paternoster Road, Emerald (between Emerald–Beaconsfield Road and Bailey Road)
  • Main Drain Road South, Bunyip (from Bunyip Modella Road to Thirteen Mile Road)
  • Cardinia Shire has a high dependence on car-based travel, which can be attributed to the lack of public transport and other convenient forms of transport.
  • The reliance on car-based travel results in environmental impacts along with health conditions that result from sedentary lifestyles.
  • The vast size of the municipality means that walking and cycling is not a realistic alternative for many journeys.
  • There are about 860 kilometres of unsealed roads in Cardinia Shire. Unsealed roads and shoulders can increase the severity of injuries when involved in a crash as it is harder to control the vehicle on these surfaces.
  • The municipality is a mix of rural and urban environments resulting in differing road safety issues throughout the municipality.
  • Older roads were designed to meet previous safety standards.
  • Inexperience, peer pressure and overconfidence in drivers aged 18 to 25 contributes significantly to road fatalities and injuries in our shire.  
  • Financial pressures on residents may result in drivers purchasing vehicles that do not have the optimal level of safety features. Rising fuel and maintenance costs also place financial pressures on vehicle owners. The cost of public transport and car parking also affect the travel decisions made by residents.
  • Slow down
  • Obey the road rules
  • Concentrate and put devices away
  • Do not drive drug or alcohol effected
  • Drive to the conditions of the road
  • Be considerate of other road users
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