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The Fire Danger Period has ended in Cardinia Shire. Before you burn off, please ensure that you meet all the conditions and have registered your burn off beforehand. Click here to follow the steps to ensure a safe and legal burn off >

Better Local Roads Program

The Better Local Roads Program includes all major road projects we deliver, including:  

The Better Local Roads Program plays a significant role in building a better Cardinia and will help us deliver on our vision.

We are a progressive shire, growing in a planned and purposeful way to improve the lives of people in our community, now and for the generations to come. 

You can view info about local roadworks, disruptions and detours here. 

 Better Local Roads projects are funded by sources including:

More connected communities

Better Local Roads will help:

  • connect our communities
  • encourage a sense of belonging across Cardinia Shire’s 30 townships
  • focus on partnership building and linking people into the future.

Better transport, services and more opportunities

Better Local Roads will provide better local services, transport, technology, education and employment opportunities.

More consultation   

  • We’ll engage and consult residents and businesses on a number of our Better Local Roads projects.
  • We’ll provide feedback opportunities and encourage you to have your say about these and other infrastructure projects on the Creating Cardinia community engagement platform.

Environmental sustainability

The Better Local Roads Program has been developed in line with our Sustainable Environment Policy.

To help the environment, we:

  • use recycled materials such as crushed glass and rubber
  • consider the use of wildlife sensitive lighting where possible.
  • carry out full biodiversity and cultural heritage studies wherever possible before building new roads.
  • work with arborists, and environmental and indigenous groups when planning the Better Local Roads Projects.
  • have developed comprehensive Tree Removal Guidelines which allow for removal of trees to be minimised, while considering safety, design and community needs.
  • follow any necessary removal with a revegetation plan in accordance with our guidelines.

More info: Go to our Building sustainable roads webpage

Construction for the Better Local Roads Program