Register your pet

To register your pet for the first time you will need the animal’s microchip number as well as proof of microchipping. If you cannot find your pet’s microchip details, contact central animal records.

Renewal of pet registration is required by 10 April each year. Failure to register your pet with us could result in a fine.

Register your pet online

Contact us to update your pet registration details

You can claim a reduced fee if:

  • you own a desexed cat and/or dog
  • you have a pension concession card (this is not a healthcare card)
  • your pet is over 10 years old
  • your dog is obedience trained
  • your pet is a guide dog (no fee)
  • you are a member of an approved organisation (owner must be a member of and pet registered with the organisation).

If you wish to claim a reduced fee you will need to provide proof with your registration form. If you cannot supply proof, you may submit a Statutory Declaration which has been witnessed by an authorised person.

The table below provides our fee, the Victorian Government Levy and pensioner concession costs.  Please note that a Health Care Card does not qualify you for a pension concession.

Registration fees for dogs and cats
  Council registration fee Victorian Government Levy Total cost Pension concession cost
Dog (desexed) $34 $3.50 $37.50  $20.50
Cat (desexed) $33 $2 $35 $19.00
Dog (over 10 years of age)  $34 $3.50 $37.50 $20.50
Cat (over 10 years of age) $33 $2 $35 $19.00
Dog (obedience trained) $34 $3.50 $37.50 $20.50
Dog (applicable organisation) $34 $3.50 $37.50 $20.50
Cat (applicable organisatoin) $33 $2 $35 $19.00
Dog (microchipped only) $112.30 $3.50 $115.80 $59.60
Dangerous dogs and restricted breeds $200 $3.50 $203.50  


You can receive a discount on your registration if you are a member of the following associations and your pet is registered with them:

Evidence of your membership is required, including certificate and membership number.

Registration fees do a lot more than providing pet owners a service to look for lost pets. The funds go towards:

All guide and assistance dogs must be registered however registrations are free.