Lost dogs and cats

1. Search online for your lost dog or cat 

Visit the Lost Dogs Home Cranbourne website to search for a lost dog or search for a lost cat. If your search is unsuccessful and you live in Cardinia Shire, please go to step 2. 

2. Update your pet's microchip details

If you have recently moved or changed your contact details, update the microchip details as soon as possible on the Central Animal Registry website

2. Report your pet as lost

Complete the report a lost dog or cat online form

We’ll use the information you give us to check whether your dog or cat has been collected and taken to the Lost Dogs Home in Cranbourne.

You will be asked to provide the following information in the form:  

  • contact details
  • how many dogs or cats are lost 
  • pet details such as name, breed and colour
  • image of pet (optional) 

If you have found a dog or cat that is lost, call us on 1300 787 624

Dogs or cats may be taken to the Lost Dogs Home in Cranbourne if they are:

  • found wandering
  • are not securely confined to a property
  • have out-of-date microchip details, or
  • the owners cannot be contacted.  

Council officers consider a range of factors before impounding an animal, including:

  • whether your pet has been out wandering before
  • prior warnings issued for wandering or nuisance behaviour
  • the time of day or night it is wandering.

To help us reunite you with your pet in the event it becomes lost, make sure your pet:

  • is registered with council 
  • is always wearing its registration tag
  • the microchip information is accurate and up-to-date. To update microchip details go to the Central Animal Records website

It’s also a good idea to put a tag on your pet’s collar with your phone number and/or address. 

Animals in the pound are held for about 8 days before being taken to the Lost Dogs’ Home, where their health and character is assessed. Suitable animals will be put up for adoption.