Apply for an excess animal permit

  • There are restrictions on the number of animals you can keep on a property, in accordance with Local Law 17. The Cardinia Planning Scheme may also impact your right to keep and use animals on land.
  • The table on this page shows the maximum numbers of animals you can have for the size of your property.
  • If you are planining to have more than the allowed number for your land size, you will need to apply for an excess animal permit each year. 
  • We will send you a reminder notice to renew your permit each year. 
  • Should there be any history complaints relating to your animals (nuisance, wandering, barking etc) Neighbouring properties will be sent a letter seeking a response as to whether they support or object to the permit being issued.
  • Dogs or cats less than 3 months old.
  • Large birds or poultry less than 12 weeks old.
Type of animal Land less than 1000m2 Land less than or equal to 4000m2 Land greater than 4000m2
Dogs 2 2 4
Cats 2 2 4
Large birds 5 5 Not limited by this local law
Chicken and other poultry 5 5 Not limited by this local law
Roosters Not permitted Not permitted Not limited by this local law
Livestock Not permitted Not limited by this local law Not limited by this local law
Maximum total of animals of any kind 20 20 Not limited by this local law


 Fee: $91.00 (Valid from 24th January 2024)

  • Fees are due by 10 April each year.
  • The annual permit is valid until April 2025.
  1. Ensure all animals at the property are currently registered
  2. Submit your application online and make payment
  3. Your application will be allocated to a Compliance Services Officer for review
  4. The responsible Officer will contact you to arrange an inspection of your property, this is to check suitability, containment, housing etc
  5. If previous complaints have been made to Council regarding your animals at the property (nuisance, wandering, barking etc) the Officer will send a letter to surrounding properties seeking a written response whether they support or object to the permit
  6. Should responses be received this will be reviewed by the Officer and Coordinator to form a decision
  7. Should no responses be received your permit will be issued (this may take up to 28 days)

You can always call Council to request an update on your permit.

You can apply online or download an application form. 

Apply online

Applying and paying online (this is a secure payment) is easier for you, and means we can process your application more quickly.  

Apply online

Download an application form 

Download a form then post, email or drop the form to us. 


Excess animal permit application
Development and Compliance Services team
Cardinia Shire Council
PO Box 7 
Pakenham VIC 3810


In person

Cardinia Shire Council Customer Service Centre
20 Siding Avenue, Officer
(View our location in Google Maps)


You can pay using the online form.  If you have posted or emailed your form, you can pay over the phone or in person.

Pay over the phone

Call us on 1300 787 624 to pay with your credit card.

Pay in person

Council’s Customer Service Centre
20 Siding Avenue, Officer.