Council and town planning committee meetings

Council and town planning committee meetings are open to the public. All meetings start at 7pm in the Council Chambers, Cardinia Shire Council Civic Centre, 20 Siding Avenue, Officer (unless otherwise stated).

Council meeting Town Planning Committee meeting
Monday 22 January Monday 5 February
Monday 19 February Monday 5 March
Monday 19 March Monday 7 May
Monday 16 April Monday 4 June
Monday 21 May Monday 2 July
Monday 18 June Monday 6 August
Monday 16 July Monday 3 September
Monday 20 August Monday 1 October
Monday 17 September Monday 3 December
Monday 15 October
Monday 19 November
Monday 10 December
Special Council meeting
Monday 12 November (Statutory Council Meeting)

All Council meetings are regulated by Local Laws No. 16 meeting procedures.

View agendas and minutes or listen to audio of all meetings 

Ask a question at a Council meeting