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Council and Town Planning Committee meetings

2021 Council meetings 
January - no meetings
Monday 15 February, 7pm 

Monday 15 March, 7pm 

Monday 19 April, 7pm
Monday 17 May, 7pm
Monday 21 June, 7pm
Monday 19 July, 7pm

Monday 16 August, 7pm

Monday 20 September, 7pm

Monday 18 October, 7pm

Monday 8 November, 7pm - Statutory Council meeting 

  • The Statutory meeting is an annual meeting held to formalise Council matters for the upcoming year.
  • At this meeting, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected, Council delegates are appointed and Council meeting dates for the following year are set. 
Monday 15 November, 7pm 

Monday 13 December, 7pm

2021 Town Planning Committee meetings 
January – No meeting
February – Monday 1 February, 7pm 

March – No meeting

April – No meeting
May – Monday 3 May, 7pm
June – Monday 7 June, 7pm
July – Monday 5 July, 7pm

August – Monday 2 August, 7pm

September – Monday 6 September, 7pm

October – No meeting

November – Monday 1 November, 7pm

December – Monday 6 December, 7pm

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