Our Gift Policy and Register

We have adopted a Councillor Gifts Policy which states our position on responding to offers of:

  • gifts
  • benefits
  • and hospitality.

The policy is intended to support Councillors avoid conflicts of interest and maintain high levels of integrity and public trust

  • We are committed to ensuring that Councillors, Council staff and contractors act with integrity and honesty while performing their duties, or attending functions as Council representatives. 
  • Accepting gifts, benefits or hospitality can create perceptions that a Councillor, staff member or contractor’s integrity has been compromised. 

Aim of the Councillor Gifts Policy

To provide clear guidelines to ensure Councillors are not compromised in the performance of their duties by accepting gifts or benefits, which:

  • may result in a sense of obligation
  • or could be interpreted as an attempt to influence.

This helps to protect and promote public confidence in the integrity of the Council.

The Policy complements the provisions already included in the Councillor Code of Conduct