Before you burn off ...

The Fire Danger Period has ended in Cardinia Shire. Before you burn off, please ensure that you meet all the conditions and have registered your burn off beforehand. Click here to follow the steps to ensure a safe and legal burn off >

Rates direct debit payments (FlexiPay)

You can pay your rates in small, regular amounts. Register with FlexiPay and choose to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly instalments. You need to re-register for Flexipay each financial year.

Even if you used FlexiPay to pay your rates last financial year, you need to re-register for FlexiPay to pay this financial year's rates via FlexiPay.

Register for Flexipay

To update your bank details or contact details, or change the amount you want to pay, you need to register again for FlexiPay

This new registration will override your previous registration using the property number. Any payments you have already made via FlexiPay for the current financial year will carry over to your new registration.

Cancel my FlexiPay arrangement

If you cancel your direct debit payments you must pay your rates in quarterly instalments (by the due date on your notice), unless you set up a new payment plan. To set up a payment plan call us on 1300 787 624).

Your FlexiPay payments will stop if you have 3 declined payments in your schedule. We can help. Contact us on 1300 787 624 or email