Hills Hub arts and performance space

  • The Hills Hub arts and performance space is a multi-functional room designed to support local artists and creative initiatives in the Hills.
  • You can express interest in holding an exhibition or taking up a short-term residency at Hills Hub using the online form on this page.
  • Artists networking nights will also be held at the Hub throughout the year to help artists connect with like-minded people as well as learn about upcoming opportunities.

Located on Level 1 of Hills Hub, the arts and performance space features approximately 24 metres of hanging space. With the slimline hanging system in place and slip hooks available, artists can hang their exhibitions with ease.

This space is not only suitable for exhibitions, but also for short-term residencies, workshops, programs, arts events, music gigs, and other creative outcomes. Black-out curtains on a rail are also available to transform the space into your own black box theatre.

With two large round windows, an intriguing roof design and state-of-the-art lighting, this modern space has a trendy aesthetic suitable to get your creative energy flowing.

Exhibition opportunities and short-term residencies at Hills Hub are available throughout the year. 


The arts and performance space will be offered to the artist or arts group free of charge in exchange for delivering at least two community outcomes such as workshops, demonstrations, artist talks, etc.

Currently there are no exhibition slots available for 2024, however artists are encouraged to speak with a member of Council's Arts team to see if there are any other suitable opportunities.

Short-term residencies

Short-term residencies at the Hills Hub gives an artist or small group of artists access to the arts and performance space for an agreed period of time.

These residencies are available to local creatives such as musicians, visual artists, performance/dance artists, installation/new media artists, etc. for:

  • rehearsals
  • recording sessions
  • studio work, for example, to work on a piece/body of work
  • to collaborate with other artists on a piece/body of work.

More information

For more information about previous and upcoming exhibitions and residencies in the Hills Hub Arts Space, visit the buttons below.

Hills Hub Arts Space 2023 Hills Hub Arts Space 2024

Gatherings for local artists will be hosted at Hills Hub throughout the year.

This will give artists the opportunity to:

  • tour the Hills Hub
  • connect with other emerging and professional artists
  • learn more about creative opportunities within Cardinia Shire.

For more information or to receive networking night updates, contact Council's Arts team on the email below.

If you are interested in delivering a creative project at Hills Hub we would love to hear from you. Please complete our Cardinia Arts Creative Expression of Interest Form below and a member of Council's Arts team will be in touch.

Artists are also encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Hills Hub arts and performance space information booklet prior to making a submission.

Cardinia Arts Creative Expression of Interest Form Information booklet

For more information about any of the above mentioned opportunities, to discuss a project idea with a member of Council's Arts team, or for technical specifications of the space, please email arts@cardinia.vic.gov.au