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How we're improving the way we manage roads

  • We’re investing $25 million into building more sealed roads across the shire, via our Strategic Sealed Roads Project. 
  • We’re supporting the Federal Government to deliver the Hills’ Road Sealing Project. This project will benefit townships including Avonsleigh, Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield Upper, Cockatoo, Dewhurst, Emerald, Gembrook, Guys Hill, Nar Nar Goon North and Pakenham Upper.
  • We’re directing more resources to maintenance so we can respond to issues more quickly.
  • As summer is particularly tough on unsealed roads, we’re doing extra works in the lead up to, and during, summer  
  • We’ve built the unsealed roadworks checker tool so you can check online if an unsealed road is scheduled for grading. 
  • We've recently created a new data-driven system that uses existing data to better predict how often each road should have works done.
  • We’ve started trialling a range of new practices to maintain our unsealed road network, to improve performance of the roads between maintenance activities. 
  • We’re doing a full review of our unsealed road maintenance program, as part of the Unsealed Roads Transformation Project.
  •  We’ve created a better form for reporting road issues. It gets the right information from you first time, so we can respond to your report more quickly.

We have started a strategic review of our unsealed road maintenance practices across the board.

The aim of the project is to achieve a significant increase in service levels in relation to unsealed roads for our community. 

We’re committed to carefully planning and delivering a steady range of improvements in relation to unsealed road maintenance over the coming years. 

This will include:  

  • trialling new materials and methods to get improved results
  • researching and implementing ways to increase our productivity.
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