Sun Orchid

Native animals and plants

Council provides information on endangered species in Cardinia Shire, the two main species being southern brown bandicoot and the helmeted honeyeater.

Information relating to plants is also included; details of flora that is indigenous to the Shire and an online indigenous plant guide to assist residents and landowners in choosing appropriate plants to enhance their properties and provide vegetation that encourages and protects indigenous fauna.

Information is also provided on vegetation removal and the restrictions and permit requirements of which landowners need to be aware.

Please don’t feed the cockatoos

Residents are discouraged from feeding wild cockatoos which may visit homes or backyards.

Hand-feeding or leaving out seed or other food for these birds can cause them to flock in excessive numbers to residential areas, where they can damage houses and decks and create a noise problem.

Cockatoos also need to chew to keep their beaks healthy and, in the wild, spend most of their day searching for food. Providing an easy source of food gives them more time to damage property and crops and reduces their ability to find their own food in the wild.

Photo courtesy Russell Best, Nature Share

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