Road maintenance schedule

We schedule our unsealed roadworks 2 months in advance. You can find out more about our unsealed road maintenance works here.  

If the road in question is maintained by Council, you can check if it's scheduled for works in the next 2 months by using the unsealed roadworks checker tool below.

To use, start typing the road name and wait for it to appear in the drop down menu.

The following sealed roads are being repaired or having maintenance works done. 

Works may include filling potholes, repairing edge breaks and minor patching.

  • Mount Burnett Road, Mount Burnett
  • Mulcahy Road, Pakenham
  • Officer South Road, Officer South
  • Patterson Road, Officer South
  • Sugarloaf Road, Beaconsfield Upper

Surface drains 

We will be de-silting and removing debris from drains in these roads so they function at full capacity. This reduces potential risk to private property and road users. 

  • Whiteside Road, Officer
  • Viewhill Road, Cockatoo


Underground drains 

We will be carrying out drainage pit and pope cleaning, root cutting and CCTV camera inspections on drain.

  • Beaconsfield Upper
  • Pakenham

We will be inspecting bridges and doing maintenance works on pedestrian bridges, vehicle bridges, boardwalks and major culverts in these locations:

  • Bayles
  • Caldermeade
  • Officer

We carefully plan the maintenance schedule according to current conditions and forecasts which are based on road service and performance history data.

Despite these efforts, sometimes the schedule needs to change quite quickly in response to unforeseen circumstances, which may include (but are not limited to):

  • weather or other events. As a result, we may need to defer some works and/or prioritise other works. 
  • the need to spend longer at a job than first planned, in order to properly correct an issue
  • changing rates of deterioration within the existing defects list
  • illness/injury of our crew members.

When this happens, our crews will reschedule and reprioritise any works missed to make sure they’re completed as soon as possible.

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