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The Hills’ Road Sealing Project

Over 150 kilometres of unsealed roads in Cardinia Shire will be sealed over a 10-year period as part of this project.

  • The Australian Government has committed $300 million funding over 10 years to Cardinia Shire Council and Yarra Ranges Council ($150 million to each council) to seal roads in the Dandenong Ranges and surrounds. The funding is the result of an advocacy partnership between our councils to improve unsealed roads.
  • This project will be co-funded by property owners and the Federal Government via a special charge scheme.  The funding package will provide a substantial contribution towards the cost.
  • We’ll be in touch with residents in writing about each of the roads included in the program.
  • Cardinia Shire townships to benefit include Avonsleigh, Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield Upper, Cockatoo, Dewhurst, Emerald, Gembrook, Guys Hill, Nar Nar Goon North and Pakenham Upper.
  • Cardinia Shire and Yarra Ranges have a large unsealed road network, which, in many areas, has existed for more than 100 years. A lot of our residential development happened when our regions were considered country Victoria; population growth has put pressure on our unsealed road network and means improvements are needed.

More info: Sealing Roads in the Dandenong Ranges and Surrounds on the Australian Government website. 

  • Council officers are currently preparing a list of priority roads to be sealed. 
  • As a starting point, we’ll focus on roads that have schools, kindergartens and community facilities. We will also consider residential roads and thoroughfare roads.
  • All roads to be considered under this funding will need to meet a set of criteria that is now being finalised.
  • The Federal Government funding for this project was made available on 1 July 2019. We are now planning for the works and will begin to consult with landowners on priority roads.
  • Construction of the first roads is expected to start in late-2020, after pre-planning and design works are done. We expect it will take about 10 years to seal all the roads on our list. Without this Federal Government funding, working through this list would take more than 60 years. 

The cost of sealing the road and the number of rateable properties determines the cost that owners need to contribute towards having their road sealed.

  1. As part of the Special Charge Scheme process, we’ll establish the best way to construct the road, the estimated cost, and identify any possible environmental, planning or maintenance issues.
  2. The results will be reported to Council. As landowners whose properties share a boundary with the works will be required to contribute towards the project cost, we’ll get in touch with them to gauge their level of support. Generally, projects will only go ahead if more than 50% of landowners support the project.

What if I don’t want my road to be part of the project?

As outlined in the Local Government Act 1989, as part of the Special Charge Scheme process you’ll be given the opportunity to make a submission or objection if you have issues with the proposal.

  1. All landowners are given notices at the start of the process, so that a written submission or objection can be made to Council. Those making submissions may appear before Council to be heard in support of their submission.
  2. After considering any submissions, Council decides whether to proceed with the project and will notify you of the decision.
  3. If we resolve to proceed with the special charge, you may then apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for a review of the decision. 

Why do I need to contribute towards the cost?

Over the years Council has partnered with landowners to seal numerous unsealed roads through special charge schemes. Because of the Federal Government funding for this project,  owners will get a much lower rate than has been required in the past.

Using the Federal Government’s money in a co-payment system with landowners means we’ll be able to seal significantly more unsealed roads across the shire. Without this co-payment, it’s likely that over 50 kilometres of roads would miss out.

How is the cost calculated?

The cost of sealing the road and the number of rateable properties determines the cost that owners need to contribute towards having their road sealed.

How do I pay my contribution?

If you prefer to pay over a number of years

You can pay over a number of years (specified at the time of the declaration of your special charge scheme), in the same way you pay your annual rates.

Financing costs, similar to home loan interest rates, are added to your charge. This is determined following advice from Council’s financial institution. The interest rate is fixed for the period of the special charge.

If you prefer a lump sum payment

In this case the total charge (which does not include financing costs) must be paid by the date your annual rates are due. 

What happens if I can’t afford the co-payment? 

If you are unable to make payments on time or at all, we will have a hardship process to assist. 

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