Rebuilding and maintaining sealed roads

Council’s investment in sealed road building and maintenance in 2020–21: $12.915 million

In 2021–22, 7 kilometres of roads will be rehabilitated.

Why we do road rebuilding (rehabilitation) works  

  • Rehabilitation is a full rebuilding of the road pavement. We do these works when the road pavement has lost its strength and can no longer be repaired.
  • This may be due to the road’s age or heavy usage. It may have potholes, rutting, cracking and other issues.
  • We may rehabilitate sections of a road or the entire road, depending on what’s needed.  

What rehabilitation works involve

The old road material is dug out and either reused on the same project or another suitable project.  A combination of new and recycled material is then used to build a new road pavement, starting with the layers under the surface and finishing off with the black top surface.

These works are part of the 2021–22 annual works program.  Works commened late 2021 and will continue until June 2022.

  • Island Road, Koo Wee Rup – from Lea Road to 375m east of intersection
  • Split Rock Road, Beaconsfield Upper – Salisbury Road to Norbury Road
  • Hein Raod, Pakenham Upper – from Berglund Road to 150m south of intersection
  • Lakeside Drive, Emerald – from Emerald-Monbulk Road to 375m north of Sycamore Avenue
  • Pitt Road, Iona – from Mynard Road to 930m north of intersection
  • McDonalds Track, Lang Lang – from Duberkes Road/Kettles Road to 120m south of Range Road
  • Railway Avenue, Tynong –  from View Street to 230m east of intersection
  • Bessie Creek Road,  Nar Nar Goon North – from exit of roundabout at Princes Highway intersection to 660m east of intersection and from corner (at service station) to interesction with Dore Road
  • Soldiers Road, Caldermeade –  from Caldermeade Road to Westernport Road, including improved access to sports preceinct.

In 2021–22, 40km kilometres of roads will be resurfaced. 

Why we resurface roads

  • Resurfacing works are proactive works to help prevent water damage to the road. When water seeps into the road pavement, it can cause potholes and other issues that are expensive to repair.
  • Resurfacing works help prolong the life of the road. A road generally needs resurfacing about once every 20 years.  
  • Road resurfacing works are generally done in the warmer months of the year, depending on the type of treatment.

What resurfacing works involve 

We put a fresh layer over the top layer of the road, using either:

  • asphalt: a bitumen-based concrete-like mixture of stone and bitumen laid at 30mm thickness or greater.
  • spray seal: a layer of bitumen sprayed on the road and covered with stones.

Treatments are selected depending on the road’s condition, how it is used and how much traffic drives on it.


These works are part of the 2021–22 annual works program. Works began at end of 2021 and will continue until June 2022.

Township or suburb Road name Section of road
Avonsleigh Avon Road Margaret Rd To 13m East of Macclesfield Rd
Beaconsfield Desmond Ct Princes Hwy to end of court
Beaconsfield Upper Rosebank Ln Start New Seal At End Paul Gr To End Court
Beaconsfield Upper Salisbury Rd Carpenter Rd To 30m Sth Split Rock Rd
Bunyip Wattletree Rd Nash Rd to Doran Rd
Caldermeade Caldermeade Rd Driveway at No. 110 to Railway Rd
Clematis Clematis Park Rd Westlands Rd to West of Leighton Av
Cockatoo Paternoster Rd 50m East Viewhill Rd To Halcyon Rd
Dalmore Lea Rd Driveway at No.85 To Island Rd
Emerald Benson St Kilvington to Memorial
Emerald Boundary Rd west Westlands Rd to No. 22
Emerald Kilvington Dr Dixon Rd to Railway line
Emerald Kings Rd Heroes Av To Beaconsfield Emerald Rd
Emerald Lakeview Ct Emerald Lake Rd to start of court bowl
Emerald Memorial Av Benson Street to Church Street
Emerald Russell St Westlands Rd to Sth Fl No.15 (Peppermint Ct)
Emerald Westlands Rd 15m south of Boundary Rd west to Memorial Ave
Garfield Thornbill Cct Freeman Dr East To Freeman Dr West
Gembrook Bond La Gate To Gembrook Launching Place Rd
Gembrook Gembrook Park Rd West Fl No 4 To Knight Rd (Nth)
Iona Pitt Rd Nth FL No.220 to Murray Rd Intersection
Koo Wee Rup Denhams Rd Start of Seal (14m N/W of No.20) to N/Side of RAB at Moody St
Koo Wee Rup Railway Rd Koo Wee Rup Rd To End Of Seal
Lang Lang McDonalds Trk 145m Nth West Cams Rd to 117m South of Range Road
Maryknoll Barongarook Rd South Bundilla Rd to Mirrabooka Rd
Maryknoll Fogarty Rd Mortimer Rd To End Of Road
Maryknoll Mortimer Rd Fogarty Rd To End Of Seal
Monomeith Monomeith Rd NE Edge Of Railway Line To Sth Gippsland Hwy
Nar Nar Goon Seven Mile Rd Ballarto Rd to 82m west of Bunyip River Rd
Nar Nar Goon Thirteen Mile Rd Driveway at No.70 To 35m South of NNG-Longwarry Rd
Officer South Lecky Rd Start of Seal 110m East of Stephens Rd to Stephens Rd
Officer South Stephens Rd End of Seal at 88m Nth of Lecky Rd to Lecky Rd
Pakenham Dore Rd Princes Hwy To End Of Seal
Pakenham Fairway Ct Ryan Rd To End Of Court
Pakenham Flower St Roger St To Safeway Carpark
Pakenham James St West Fl No. 48 to Princes Hwy service road
Pakenham Meeking Dr  Smethurst Av To Kerb Return Gullquist Way
Pakenham Oatree Dr Princes Hwy to End Of Court at No.22
Pakenham Racecourse Rd north SW Fl No 150 To Dunbarton Dr
Pakenham Toomuc Valley Rd 24m Sth of Syme Rd to 55m Nth Of Leppitt Rd
Pakenham Waterford Rise Splitter Lakeside Bvd To Splitter St Leonard Way
Tynong North Tynong Nth Rd End of Rumble Bars (CH0.230) To 87m North of Quarry Entrance (CH0.69)

Loose stones

  • If you have loose stones on your road, then it has had a spray seal ­– this is when stones are laid over a layer of bitumen, to provide a hard-wearing, skid-resistant surface.
  • Loose stones will only be there for a short period of time. More stones are used than may actually stick to the surface. These extra stones will stay on the road about 7 days before being swept off. Once we remove them, they are recycled.

A sticky road

The road may get sticky on warm days after being resurfaced, so please be careful not to walk it into your house and/or vehicle if it comes into contact with your shoes.

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