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Strategic Sealed Roads Project

Our investment into the Strategic Sealed Roads Project: $25 million

  • Council is investing about $25 million into the Strategic Sealed Roads Project in 2019–20
  • We are sealing about 40 kilometres of local unsealed roads in 7 locations across Cardinia Shire. This will create strategic links to existing sealed roads, in locations where they are needed most and where they will deliver the most benefit. 
  • This increase in sealed road linkages in strategic locations means motorists won’t have to rely as heavily on local unsealed roads. This will improve service levels for motorists, and reduce Council’s long-term spending on sealed road maintenance.
  • We will go out to tender for the Strategic Sealed Roads Project soon. 
  • Will provide motorists with around 40 kilometres of new, sealed roads.
  • Will connect motorists with existing sealed roads in the places they will deliver the most benefit – such as around school and community facilities and in the highest-traffic areas.
  • Will reduce traffic on the local, unsealed road network, which will reduce wear and tear on unsealed roads and reduce unsealed road maintenance costs in the long term.
  • Will improve comfort and service levels for motorists using these roads.
  • Will reduce the environmental impacts associated with unsealed roads including run-off and dust. 


  • Evans Road: whole length

Gembrook/Nar Nar Goon north

  • Bessie Creek Road: between Gembrook and Nar Nar Goon north

Koo Wee Rup

  • Boundary Drain Road: Station Street to Denhams Road
  • Denhams Road: Main Drain Road to start of seal (14m N/W of No.20)
  • Main Drain Road: Denhams Road to Ballarto Road

Lang Lang East

  • Mt Lyall Road: Westernport Road to municipal boundary


  • Armytage Road: Brown Road to LL Road
  • LL Road: whole length
  • Thewlis Road: Peck Road to Brown Road
  • Dore Road: whole length

Pakenham Upper

  • Huxtable Road: whole length


  • McGregor Road: whole length
  • Soldiers Road: from McGregor Road to Hobson Road
  • Hobson Road: Ballarto Road to Soldiers Road

View map of roads to be sealed

It’s important that we seal the roads that will deliver the most benefit to the community.

So in order to decide which roads to seal as part of this project, we did a thorough assessment which took into account a number of factors including:

  • which roads would provide the most useful links between existing sealed road networks
  • which were in the highest-traffic areas
  • which would provide the greatest convenience for motorists
  • which would provide the greatest safety benefits
  • which would provide the most significant long-term cost savings in relation to the maintenance of nearby unsealed roads
  • requests for road repairs and maintenance from the community. 

Concept designs

A safety assessment has been conducted and concept designs have been finalised.

Tender process

  • We expect to go out to tender for the program towards the end of 2019.
  •  Once tenders have been reviewed, the program specifications will be finalised.
  • Detailed design is expected to start in early-2020.


Construction of the first roads is expected to start in late-2020, with the whole program likely be delivered over a 2-year period.

You will receive a letter with details about:

  • the proposed scope of the works
  • when we expect the works will happen. 

Contact our Engineering team

Ph: 1300 787 624