Apply to install roadside infrastructure

Signs and infrastructure installed within the road reserve must be approved by the responsible road authority under the Road Management Act 2004.

Roadside infrastructure includes:

  • tourist signs
  • service signs (directional signs to facilities and services)
  • private road street name signs
  • convex mirrors
  • any other types of infrastructure installed within the road reserve.

We issue permits to install roadside infrastructure on local roads if all requirements are met. You can apply for the permit below.

VicRoads assess applications to install roadside infrastructure on arterial roads.

To find out if the road reserve you want to install infrastructure in is a municipality (local) road or a declared (VicRoads) road, enter the street name into the ‘Maps of declared roads’ tool on the VicRoads website.

We check your application to make sure the proposed infrastructure meets the relevant standards and guidelines. These are listed in the table below.

All roadside infrastructure must also be in accordance with Australian Standards and AustRoads guidelines. Other conditions may also apply depending on the type of infrastructure.

We then do a site inspection to make sure the proposed location for the infrastructure is suitable.

If it meets all requirements, we will issue a permit. 

If requirements are not met, we will work with you to make the required changes or explain why the application cannot be approved.

We can install

Once you receive your permit, we recommend you contact us on 1300 787 624 to see if we can install it for you. You (the permit holder) will still need to pay for the installation, however getting us to do the job is likely to be the safest and cheapest option – it means you avoid issues such as installing the infrastructure incorrectly or in the wrong place, and means you don’t need to apply for additional permits.  


Maintaining the infrastructure is the permit holder’s responsibility.

Tourist and service signs 

Signs that show the way to facilities, services and attractions


All applicants should review the VicRoads and Tourism Victoria Tourist and Service Signs guidelines  to check they are eligible before apply for the permit.

Cost of signs and installation (approximate)


Private road street name signs

These signs are generally a 200mm street name blade with ‘private road’ displayed under the street name.  Private road authorities that require a street name sign on the road reserve should apply for this permit. 

Cost of signs and installation (approximate)


Convex mirrors

A curved mirror in with the a bulging reflective surface. Convex mirrors are a last resort when appropriate sightlines cannot be achieved by other means. We will only approve these if other options are not available.


All applicants should review the VicRoads Guidelines for the installation convex mirrors to check they are eligible before apply for the permit.

Cost of signs and installation (approximate)


Other roadside infrastructure

This covers any item that doesn’t fall into the above categories that is installed within the road reserve. An example of other roadside infrastructure includes stock crossings and electronic warning signs.

Cost of signs and installation (approximate)

 To be determined on application. 

There is no cost to apply for a roadside infrastructure permit.

If your permit is approved, and after installation has been arranged with us, we will send you a tax invoice for the total cost of the infrastructure and its installation. This cost must be paid in full before installation can take place.

  • The applicant must pay all costs for designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining and removing the infrastructure
  • We have the right to cancel this permit under a number of circumstances, without compensation.
  • All installations must be safe and in accordance with relevant standards and guidelines.

Note: there will be different requirements in the application depending on which type of roadside infrastructure you are applying for. Please provide as much information as possible when filling out the application.

  • The location where the infrastructure is to be installed, including site map if possible
  • Details of any existing signage and infrastructure at the location
  • Details of any discussions you have had with us about this application