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Download Standard Drawings

We provide standard drawings for developers, consultants and contractors who are designing and constructing roads and civil infrastructure in Cardinia Shire on behalf of Council.

View Growth Area Authority's set of standard drawings

View Council's standard drawings as PDFs

General drawings provided by Council
Drawing number  Revision number  Description
CSC–004 n/a Permanent survey mark
CSC–005 n/a Subdivisional streets – minimum non-urban cross sections 
CSC–005 n/a Gravel road partial construction


Drainage drawings provided by Council
Drawing number  Revision number  Description
CSC–207 n/a Kerb return low point entry pit
CSC–208 n/a Spoon drain entry pit
CSC–209 n/a Concrete endwall type 1 – 450 mm diameter maximum
CSC–212 n/a Catch pit
CSC–213 n/a Grated easement pit for low-flow pipe drains, pipe size 225–450mm diameter




Stormwater drawings provided by Council
Drawing Number Revision number  Description
CSC–305 A Industrial site stormwater connection


Miscellaneous drawings provided by Council
Drawing Number Revision number Description
CSC–400 n/a Guide posts
CSC–500 n/a Street name sign-plate