Apply for a crossover permit

You will need consent to undertake works within a road reserve before you start. Inspections will be conducted by Council officers both before, and on the completion of the works.

Apply for a crossover permit

Works that require consent include:

  • stormwater drainage and pit installations
  • vehicle crossing construction and modification
  • footpath and kerbing replacement
  • water supply and sewer connections
  • road works
  • tree planting/removal or structures on nature strips/road reserves.

Consent is necessary to ensure that our road reserves and infrastructure are protected and reinstated to their original state after works have been carried out in the road reserve.

Fees are payable when lodging an application for consent and may vary depending on the extent of the proposed works.

  • $129.60 for works conducted on, or any part of the roadway, shoulder or pathway (minor works).                        
  • $83.60 for works not conducted on, or any part of the roadway, shoulder or pathway.                                     

Other fees may be applicable depending on the extent of works, see Road Management Act 2004.

Fees are reviewed annually on 1 July.

If you cannot provide the following your application will be considered incomplete and will not be considered:

  • contractor's details, including contact numbers of works manager
  • certificate of currency of your public liability insurance to the value of $20 million
  • details of dimensions, location and type of works
  • details of who will be responsible for the reinstatement works.

Contractor/works managers must undertake reinstatement of affected infrastructure to Council standards. If reinstatement work is not undertaken to Council standards, Council will re-instate at the cost of the contractor/works manager.