Apply for a crossover permit or to do works in a road reserve

If you want to do any works between your property’s fence boundary and a Council-managed road (the road reserve), or work on the road itself, you need to get a permit from us to do works within a road reserve. 

  • Vehicle crossover works (eg. Building a new driveway entrance, changing an existing driveway entrance or building an additional one).
  • Roadworks or maintenance  
  • Water/sewer connection 
  • Footpath and kerbing works
  • Tree planting or removal
  • Installation or removal of structures on the footpath or nature strip.

Before you apply for this permit, a Council engineer will need to inspect the site where you are planning to do the works. This inspection is free of charge. 

An inspection is also required so we can return your asset protection permit bond payment after works in a road reserve have been completed. 

To request the inspection, please send us an email, make a service request, send a letter or call us. Please include the following information: 

  • Your full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Street address/lot number of location of proposed works 
  • The purpose of the inspection, for example, is it for proposed works within the road reserve or for the return of an asset protection permit bond payment after works have taken place? 
  • If it is for proposed works, what works are you hoping to do? 
  • Date that the site will be ready for inspection 

We will then contact you to arrange an inspection time.

Once our engineer has visited the site and confirmed that the works can take place, you need to apply for a permit. The application fee is $129.60. 

The permit of valid for 6 months. If works have not been completed by this time you will need to apply for a permit extension.

Info needed for your application 

  • Contractor's details, including contact numbers of works manager
  • Certificate of currency of your public liability insurance to the value of $20 million; please note that your home insurance doesn’t cover this kind of work. (See below for more info). 
  • The location, dimensions and type of works
  • Traffic management details (if applicable) 
  • Contact details of the contractor who will be responsible for the reinstatement works.

If you cannot provide these details your application cannot be processed. 

Apply online for a ‘Works within a road reserve’ permit 

Download a 'Permission to do works within a road reserve' application form

A qualified contractor needs to do the works. This is because public liability insurance to the value of $20 million is required in order to get a ‘Works within a road reserve’ permit. Please note that home insurance is not the same as public liability insurance; your home insurance does not cover you for these works.

The property owner is responsible for paying any costs to do with works on a crossover, including fixing a crossover or building a new one.

As part of these works, the contractor/ works manager must re-instate affected infrastructure to Council standards. If this doesn't happen, we will re-instate at the cost of the contractor/works manager.

You can request to extend your 'Works within a road reserve' permit for another 3 months (maximum). To do this, email or send us a letter and include this information:

  • your name
  • the original permit number
  • the reason you are requesting an extension
  • how long you want the permit extended for
  • when you plan to complete the works. 

We need to know about these works so we can be sure our road reserves and infrastructure are not damaged, and are returned to their original condition after works have taken place.