Supplementary valuations

In some circumstances, valuations are conducted between general valuations. These are called supplementary valuations.

Supplementary valuations happen when: 

  • properties are physically changed, for example, when buildings are constructed, renovated, extended, altered or demolished
  • when land is subdivided, amalgamated (combined), or portions are sold off or rezoned
  • when incorrect data means another valuation is required, for example, the previous rates and charges were calculated using the wrong land or building areas.

If a supplementary valuation is done on your property

You'll receive a supplementary valuation and rate notice showing the changed valuations and any changes to your rates and charges amounts (calculated on a pro-rata basis).

If you receive a supplementary valuation notice

Please disregard any previous rates instalment notices you have received for the financial year – the revised amount you need to pay will be shown on future instalment notices you receive.

If you have received a supplementary rates notice and you pay your rates by FlexiPay

You need to set up a new FlexiPay arrangement so your payments are for the correct, revised amount. The new arrangement will override the existing one.