Request a rates refund

  • You can use our online form to request a rates refund with us when necessary, such as when you have accidentally paid the wrong amount or to the wrong property.
  • You will need to provide the bank details where you want the refund to be deposited.
  • You may also need to attach supporting documentation such as a relevant rates notice, email or proof of payment when applicable.

There are many reasons a refund may be required for a payment you have made against your own, or someone else’s, rates.

This includes times when you have:

  • overpaid your rates
  • accidentally made the same payment multiple times
  • made a payment to a previously owned property
  • paid the wrong amount by mistake
  • have applied for and received a rebate after paying your rates.
  • have an account balance owing to you which you want to claim as are refund, instead of a deduction on your next rates amount. For example, if you have paid for a rates year in full, and then cancelled an optional waste service which results in a lower waste charge.
  • We’ll need your bank account details in order to process the refund.
  • We may also need supporting documentation, such as an email, rate notice or letter from us relating to the refund request (if applicable) –this makes it easier for us to process your refund.
  • If you're not the current ratepayer of the property you paid into – you’ll need to provide proof that you made the payment, such as a copy of the receipt from internet banking, or a copy of a bank statement showing the payment.


Apply for a rates refund online

This is the easiest way to submit your request. 


Alternatively, you can email with the details of your request - please refer to the 'What you need to provide with your application' section above to make sure you include everything we need to process your application.