Theatre etiquette

Follow this theatre etiquette to ensure you, and other audience members, can enjoy the show. 

Theatrical performances do not generally have imposed age limits for adult content. It is up to the patron to make judgments about whether a show is appropriate for their children. Usually the ads or flyers for a show will give an indication and more detail is usually provided on the website.

If you have any particular concerns please ask at the time of booking.

Our 'babes in arms' policy states:

  • Babies who will be nursed in a parent or guardian’s arms throughout a performance do not require tickets or seats. 
  • Once an infant becomes a toddler they require a ticket and an individual seat. 

As a courtesy to fellow audience members, observe the above rules and ticketing requirements as an overcrowded theatre is not only uncomfortable, it is illegal. 

Crying babies

If your baby or toddler starts crying, please move to the foyer so you can calm it. For this reason, aisle seating is recommended to help you exit quickly and easily.

Prams, pushers and strollers

Prams, pushers and strollers must be left in the foyer. If you need any assistance in navigating the theatre our ushers can help. If you think you will need help, early and late access can be provided.

Due to the nature of live entertainment, trying to find your way to your seat once a show has started can seriously disrupt both the audience and the performers on stage.

Many performances have a lockout which restricts anybody from entering the auditorium until a suitable break in the performance. For some productions the lockout can be until interval; for others, the entire show. 

Please arrive early.

Drinks in plastic containers and tea and coffee in disposable cups with lids are permitted. Glassware is not allowed in the theatre.

Confectionery purchased within the centre may be consumed in the theatre. Hot and savoury food is not allowed in the theatre.

Please dispose of chewing gum in a responsible manner before entering the centre. 

It is strongly encouraged that audience members remain seated for the entire performance. If you do need to leave, please do so quietly and wait for an appropriate moment.

As a courtesy to others. when bringing children to the theatre make sure the children have had the opportunity to go to the toilet before taking your seats. 

Generally no photos are allowed during performances. All shows you see at Cardinia Cultural Centre are protected by copyright laws which prohibits taking unauthorised still photos, video and audio recordings.

Also, a single flash from the auditorium can a serious distraction for a performer which can cause major safety issues.

Start times, finish times and intervals vary from show to show.

Check the show listing on the What's on webpage for the start time, or any printed material for details. Otherwise, contact us for the information. 

Please remain silent during a performance or rehearsal as a courtesy to the performers and other member of the audience.

Only wheelchairs may enter the theatre. We have an accessible seating area suitable for wheelchairs and pre booking of these spaces is highly advisable. 

Ambulatory aids must be left in the foyer. If you need any assistance in navigating the theatre our ushers can help. If you think you will need help, early and late access can be provided.

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