Advertised planning permit applications

Documents are published for the sole purpose of enabling consideration and review a part of a planning process under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. These documents must not be used for any purpose which may breach any copyright or privacy laws.

Note: for easy access and file size restrictions, the documents available to view online may be reduced. If you would like to view the complete set of advertised documents, please visit our Civic Centre during office hours.

Permit applications currently advertised
Permit number
Date advertising period closes
T170018 Re-subdivision of the land  in to 3 lots (boundary re-alignment) 180 North Yannathan Road, Catani 13 April 2017
T160818 Buildings and works associated with the existing Service Station (including vegetation removal) and display of internally illuminated business identification signage 92-96 Princes Highway, Pakenham 20 April 2017
T170073 Subdivision of the land (boundary realignment) Lots 3, 4 & 5 Parker Road, Gembrook 20 April 2017
T170023 Use and development of garden supplies (landscaping business and associated material sales) 270 Westernport Road, Lang Lang 21 April 2017
T160201-1 To delete conditions 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19(c)(d)(e)(f)(g) and 20 335 McGregor Road, Pakenham 21 April 2017
T160526 Use and development of the land for the purpose of a Convenience Restaurant, display of business identification signage, altering access to a road in a Road Zone Category 1 and waiver of the statutory bicycle requirements 71 Bald Hill Road, Pakenham 21 April 2017
T160577 The use and development of a supermarket, service station, 3 shops, 7 food and drink premises, 3 convenience restaurants, 4 offices, development of buildings and works including 37 dwellings, variation to car parking access to a Road Zone, Category 1 and Advertising Signage Lot D PS723785 Ascot Park Drive, Pakenham 21 April 2017
T170161 Boundary alignment (3 lots) 335 McGregor Road, Pakenham 24 April 2017
T160851 Realignment of boundaries between 5 lots 2020 Princes Highway & 28 Nar Nar Goon Road, Nar Nar Goon 28 April 2017
T160705 Development of the land for a dwelling extension with a reduced setback 16 Bellbird Crescent, Emerald 28 April 2017
T170098 The development of the land for an outbuilding 230 Toomuc Valley Road, Pakenham 28 April 2017
T170074 Use of the land for Intensive Animal Husbandry (free range chicken farm) 990 Westernport Road, Yannathan 28 April 2017
T150603 Earthworks associated with agriculture and the construction of a dam and removal of native vegetation 49 Tynong Road, Tynong 1 May 2017
T160716 Use of the land for a materials recycling facility 20 & 22 Drovers Place, Pakenham 1 May 2017
T170015 Development of the land for a dwelling and construction of an outbuilding 3 Carawa Street, Cockatoo 2 May 2017
T170183 Development of an office 25 Main Street, Pakenham 2 May 2017
T170062 Construction of an outbuilding and associated works 2 Ravendene Court, Maryknoll 2 May 2017
T170174 Development of the land for an outbuilding 1 Halcyon Grove, Cockatoo 2 May 2017
T160863 Use and development of the land for a dwelling and associated earthworks and vegetation removal 9 Harpfield Road, Beaconsfield Upper 2 May 2017
T170118 Development of the land for an outbuilding 19 Steane Street, Cockatoo 3 May 2017
T170051 The development of the land for an outbuilding within 100 metres of a dwelling not in the same ownership and associated earthworks 120 Edens Road, Caldermeade 4 May 2017
T160800 Construction of a dwelling, outbuilding and water tank, associated earthworks and the removal of vegetation 34 First Avenue, Cockatoo 4 May 2017
T160690 The subdivision of land into 169 lots, development of dwellings and vegetation removal 110 Pakenham Road, Pakenham 4 May 2017
T170129 The sale and consumption of alcohol 24 Blackwood Lane, Gembrook 5 May 2017
T160821 Increase in the area that liquor is to be consumed for an existing licensed premise 98-102 Station Street, Koo Wee Rup 5 May 2017
T170154 Alterations and additions to an existing dwelling 10 Gum Street, Cockatoo 5 May 2017
T170107 Development of the land for an outbuilding 37 St Georges Road, Beaconsfield Upper 8 May 2017
T160698 Variation of restriction on title (Amend location of building envelope) 4 Blackwood Lane, Gembrook 8 May 2017
T170125 Development of the land for a carport with a reduced setback 2 Lawsons Road, Emerald 10 May 2017
T160567 Use of the land for a Transfer Station and Materials Recycling and associated buildings and works and the display of one (1) business identification sign 305 Snell Road, Nar Nar Goon North 10 May 2017
T170025 Development of the land for a dwelling and vegetation removal 18 Amphlett Avenue, Cockatoo 10 May 2017
T170011 Removal of native vegetation to allow for the upgrade of Kenilworth Avenue and associated infrastructure Road Reserve, Kenilworth Avenue, Beaconsfield 10 May 2017
T170091 Construction of an outbuilding and associated earthworks 330 Garfield North Road, Garfield North 10 May 2017
T170119 Development of the land for a second dwelling 10 Gardner Street, Koo Wee Rup 3 May 2017
T170004 Development of the land for two (2) dwellings LM PS547240 Henry Road, Pakenham 12 May 2017

Planning permit applications are advertised to provide those who may be affected by the granting of a permit an opportunity to lodge a submission. We advertise each application for approximately two weeks.

After the advertising period is completed submissions can still be made up to the date of decision is made by Council.

You can view the status of current and past planning applications or lodge an objection in e-Planning.

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