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Documents are published for the sole purpose of enabling consideration and review a part of a planning process under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. These documents must not be used for any purpose which may breach any copyright or privacy laws.

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Why we advertise

Planning permit applications are advertised to provide anyone who may be affected by the granting of a permit with the chance to lodge a submission. We advertise each application for about two weeks. To lodge a submission go to e-planning.

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You can view the status of current and past planning applications or lodge an objection in e-Planning. After the advertising period is completed submissions can still be made up to the date of decision is made by Council.

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Advertised permit applications


Permit number
Date advertising period closes
T220437 Development of the land for three dwellings on a lot   24 Dunbarton Drive, Pakenham 07 December 2022
T220365 The development of the land for a second dwelling, additions to the existing dwelling and variation of restrictive covenant  21 Broadhurst Road, Pakenham 07 December 2022
T220525 Buildings and works for an agricultural outbuilding  24 Avon Road, Avonsleigh 07 December 2022
T210172-1 Amendments to Planning Permit T210172 to allow for extensions to a VCE building and associated works associated with an existing Education Centre 585 Bald Hill Road, Nar Nar Goon 08 December 2022
T220635 Use and development of a dwelling together with associated works generally in accordance with the submitted plans 36 Leppitt Road, Pakenham 08 December 2022
T220497 Development of the land for an outbuilding (garage) 85 Collie Road, Gembrook 08 December 2022
T220664 Buildings and works associated with two (2) outbuildings 47 Mountain Road, Cockatoo 13 December 2022
T220563 The use and development of a dwelling 1200 Gembrook-Tonimbuk Road, Tonimbuk 13 December 2022
T220669 Buildings and works associated with an outbuilding 314 Snell Road, Maryknoll 13 December 2022
T220458 Development of the land for a second dwelling 1 Ronald Court, Pakeham 13 December 2022
T220559 Use of the land for the sale of liquor (Bottle Shop) 34 McBride Street, Cockato 13 December 2022
T220064 Removal of vegetation 26A Pinehill Drive, Pakenham 14 December 2022
T220296 Subdivision of the land into seven (7) lots, creation of easements and removal of vegetation 4-6 Russell Road, Gembrook 14 December 2022
T220178 Buildings and works associated with the construction of a replacement dwelling 16 Lenne Street, Beaconsfield Upper 15 December 2022
T220513 Use and development of the land for a dwelling, an associated outbuilding (including decommissioning) and associated buildings and works.  191 Ure Road, Gembrook 19 December 2022
T220695 Use of land for Car Sales We 2/67 National Avenue, Pakenham 19 December 2022
T220387 Buildings and Works (Construction of a Shed) 96 Manestar Road, Beconsfield Upper 19 December 2022
T220383 Use and Development of Land for a Dependent Person’s Unit and Vegetation Removal 3 Messmate Court, Emerald 20 December 2022
T220776 Buildings and works associated with a replacement dwelling 40 Snell Road, Nar Nar Goon North 20 December 2022
T220494 Buildings and Works (Construction of an Outbuilding and associated earthworks) 7A St Georges Road, Beaconsfield Upper 20 December 2022
T220549 Buildings and works associated with a dwelling extension and associated vegetation removal 5 Marks Lane, Emerald 21 December 2022
T220673 Removal of three (3) trees Berry Lane road reserve located adjacent to western boundary of 94 Nar Nar Goon-Longwarry Road, Bunyip 22 December 2022
T220506 Buildings and works associated with a dwelling 22 Station Avenue, Emerald 22 December 2022
T210691 Development of land for a dwelling, earthworks and associated fencing 4 Tranquil Way, Pakenham 22 December 2022
T220317 Alterations and additions to the existing dwelling 2042 Wellington Road, Clematis 22 December 2022

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