Cardinia Shire’s new Climate Change Adaptation Strategy adopted

Published: 16 August 2022

Cardinia Shire’s new Climate Change Adaptation Strategy was adopted at last night’s Council meeting.

In September of 2019, a climate emergency was declared across Cardinia Shire Council.  

Climate change-induced natural hazards are increasing both in magnitude and frequency, which is having adverse effects on our ecosystems, human health and economy. Council is dedicated to supporting the community adapt to these climate change challenges.  

Throughout the consultation process, the community identified action priorities over the short, medium and long term timeframes. Community responses to the engagement survey assisted Council to prioritise actions which include increasing the awareness and preparedness to natural hazards as well as the development of an urban forest strategy and a resilient agriculture program.  

The Climate Change Adaptation Strategy will provide the guiding pathways to reduce the community’s vulnerability to adverse climate events and promote the resilience of social, ecological and economic systems.  

Adaptation planning will embed adaptive measures into council operations and processes, as well as recommend actions for the community to reduce their vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. 

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The new Climate Change Adaptation Strategy covers the period 2022 to 2033.  

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