Cleaning out the clutter? Use our free bookable hard waste service!

Published: 28 July 2022

On 1 July 2020 Council moved from a blanket collection service twice yearly to a bookable service available year-round.

The bookable service is available to every household in Cardinia Shire that gets its bins collected by Council. 

Each household, including rental properties, can book 2 free hard waste collections per calendar year. 

You can help us ensure hard waste collections go as smoothly as possible by:  

  • not putting out your waste too early, please only put items out the weekend before your booked collection  

  • making sure to check our website for the handy ‘YES’ list for what you can put out for collection 

  • only putting waste out neatly stacked on the nature strip in front of your own property  

  • dividing your waste into 3 sections (electrical/metals, garden and general waste) and keep mattresses easily accessible  

  • making sure your hard waste pile is within the 2 cubic metres (2m long x1m wide x1m high) limit per collection, and ensuring that each item weighs no more than 30kg. 

Bookings are limited each week so make sure to book in advance to avoid your preferred week being booked out. 

Your items will be collected anytime from Monday to Friday and they may be collected by different trucks, so please don’t report a missed collection until after 4pm on the Friday of your booked collection week.  

Still have rubbish to dispose of? Each household can book 2 additional paid collections on top of the 2 free collections per year. And don’t forget our local transfer stations also accept some items for free!  

For more information about the Cardinia Shire bookable hard waste service, including how to book a free or paid collection, visit or call the Waste team on 1300 787 624. 

Help us improve the bookable hard waste service 

Council is currently seeking feedback from all residents about the bookable hard waste service to find out about: 

  • Existing awareness levels and knowledge about the service 

  • What the barriers are to service take up 

  • Current service user satisfaction levels 

  • The ways the service is being currently used 

The survey results will help inform any service adjustments (within contractual scope) and communications activities required to improve service awareness, take up, correct usage, and satisfaction. 

Council wants to increase awareness about the service and encourage correct usage to reduce illegal dumping and improve community satisfaction – the survey results will help us work toward this. 

To provide your feedback on the bookable hard waste service before 12 August 2022, complete the online survey at 

To report illegally dumped rubbish, complete the online form at, or call Council’s Customer Service on 1300 787 624. 

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