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Cardinia Shire Music Residencies 2022

Published: 7 February 2022

The Cardinia Shire Music Residencies program is back for 2022!

Cardinia Shire is passionate about supporting emerging creatives, allowing them access to develop the skills to connect with their community as well as the experience they need to master their craft.

The Cardinia Shire Music Residencies program aims to give three local emerging musicians vital industry knowledge and experience to help enhance and launch their individual careers.

Through a tailored program delivered by industry professionals Liz Drummond and Jarred Young, each musician will have the opportunity to develop their sound and perform at local and inner-city venues.

The music mentorships will take place from 21 February – 6 March 2022 with two performances being offered; one within the shire and another at in inner-city venue in Melbourne.

Cardinia Shire Mayor Councillor Jeff Springfield is pleased council could deliver this exciting program again in 2022.

“We have facilitated this residency for the past three years and it has been a huge success,” Cr Springfield said.

“Now more than ever as we deal with recovering from the pandemic, our creatives need opportunities like this and I am thrilled we can provide this in Cardinia Shire Council.”

For more information about what is happening across arts and culture, visit Council’s website at or call the Arts & Culture team on 1300 787 624.

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