Energy Saver Study

Published: 20 June 2016

South East Councils Climate Change Alliance to take part in the Energy Saver Study.

The Energy Saver Study (ESS) trialled different approaches to improving household energy efficiency, identified the barriers to energy efficiency and tested ways to overcome these barriers.

The study looked at 320 householders across the south and east, including 56 from Cardinia Shire. Participating householders were selected as users of home and community care services.

The homes took part in energy efficiency audits, draught testing, light upgrades and ceiling and floor insulation, as well as upgrades to inefficient heaters/coolers, hot water services, fridges and TVs. Most of the participating homes were also provided with information and tips about residential energy efficiency and ways to make their home more comfortable.

Energy use was monitored to see which changes had the best results. A combination of ‘home retrofits plus energy efficiency support’, and ‘retrofits only’ led to significant improvements including average reductions in:

  • total energy use of 7-11 per cent
  • electricity use for lighting of 22-36 per cent
  • gas use and associated costs of 13-18 per cent
  • indoor temperatures during winter also increased by 1-2°C.

The final report has been provided to the Australian Government and is available on the SECCA web site.

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