Imagine Cardinia: Have your say on future plans for our shire

Published: 21 April 2021

The community is now being invited to provide feedback on the draft Imagine Cardinia documents.

Imagine Cardinia has been an intensive consultation process to help inform Council’s planning over the coming years with input sought on the draft Council Plan (which includes the Community Vision), proposed Financial Plan, proposed Budget, and proposed Revenue and Rating Plan. 

Cardinia Shire Council Mayor Councillor Brett Owen said this final round of feedback was an important opportunity for the community to get involved. 

“On behalf of my fellow Councillors, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to our community and the People’s Panel for their input which helped in the development of these draft documents.” 

“We’ve listened to your feedback and ideas about what you want for the future of Cardinia Shire. Now we want to check back in again and show you our draft documents before they are considered by Council in June,” Cr Owen said. 

Draft Council Plan 

The Draft Council Plan 2021-2025 includes the Community Vision 2040, which looks ahead to outline the social, economic, cultural, and environmental aspirations for the future of the municipality. 

The draft plan outlines the strategic agenda for Council during its term, including the steps it will take to support the realisation of the Community Vision. 

Proposed Financial Plan 

The Proposed Financial Plan 2021-2031 defines the broad long-term fiscal boundaries for the Council Plan, Asset Plan, other related policies and strategies and budget processes. 

Proposed Revenue and Rating Plan 

General rates in 2021-22 will increase 1.5 per cent, in line with the Victorian Government’s rate capping policy. The residential garbage charge will increase from $289.75 in current year to $307.25 (33 cents per week), this is mainly due to the significant increase in landfill levy by the Victorian Government and the green waste charge will increase from $123.20 to $126.60. 

Proposed Budget 

Through diligent financial management, the Proposed Council Budget 2021-2025 has enabled $94.03m of capital works for 2021-2022 ($314.94m over 2021-2025), increased community services, and improved roads and community facilities.  

Capital works 

The proposed capital works program for 2021-22 is $94.03m, with: 

  • $42.45m for roads, drains, footpaths, off street car parks and other infrastructure 
  • $35.33m for property (which includes construction and upgrades of buildings, such as sporting pavilions) 
  • $10.84m for infrastructure works including recreation, leisure and community facilities and parks, open spaces and streetscapes 
  • $5.41m for plant and equipment.   
Major projects  

 The proposed budget for 2021-22 includes significant works on the following projects: 

  • $3.3m Officer District Park Masterplan 
  • $4.2m for the new My Place youth facility 
  • $4.3m for the Timbertop Early Learning Centre 
  • $4.1m for the Rix Road Early Learning Centre 
  • $1.2m for the IYU Recreation Reserve Athletics Facility 
  • $900,000 for the Upper Beaconsfield Reserve Community pavilion and scout building 
  •  $370,000 for the Officer South Integrated Child and Family Centre 
Community services 

Community services are planned for in the operating budget, including the following net budget allocations:   

  • $2.31m for libraries 
  • $1.59m for maternal and child health 
  • $1.14m for safe and inclusive communities 
  • $1.07m for youth services 
  • $1.06m for community recreation 
  • $1.04m for aquatic and recreation facilities  
  • $980,000 for economic development 
  • $900,000 for child and family services  

Feedback on the draft plans close at 5pm on Tuesday 18 May. 

To have your say or for more information, please visit 

If you have any feedback or questions regarding the development of these draft plans, please contact us on 1300 787 624 or

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