Do the right thing and use the right bin!

Published: 15 April 2021

Residents are encouraged to do the right thing and use the right bin when disposing of household waste.

Cardinia Shire Council Mayor Councillor Brett Owen said while most residents are sorting their waste correctly, Council is still seeing contamination of household waste and plastic bags in recycling and green bins.  

“When items go in the wrong bin, that bin is contaminated. This creates more work at the processing end which makes the waste service more expensive. Sorting contaminated materials is difficult and sometimes impossible as it poses a risk to the workers doing it.  

“If you’re unsure of what should go in each bin, check out the ‘A to Z waste guide’ on Council’s website,” Cr Owen said.  

Cr Owen said Council is working hard to reduce waste going to landfill and recycle as much waste as possible. 

“We use every opportunity to educate residents and promote messages about waste and recycling so that contamination isn’t happening in the first instance. However, if it does happen, we are excited that our new waste trucks are fitted with advanced technology that can help spot contamination.,” Cr Owen said.  

Cr Owen said there are many benefits to separating your waste properly. 

“One of the most important reasons to do the right thing and use the right bin is that you’re helping to divert waste from landfill. Recyclable goods can be reused and reduce our reliance on new materials, preserve our natural resources, and reduce the negative impact of waste on our environment. 

“I encourage families to talk to their children and get them involved in recycling. Teaching children to care for our environment builds important skills in respect, empathy and responsibility,” Cr Owen said. 

Top five contaminants in recycling bins in Cardinia Shire
What to do with the contaminants
Bagged recycling Items should be loose, not bagged
Soft plastics Put them in the REDcycle bin at your local supermarket so they can become new items, otherwise put them in your rubbish bin.
Household rubbish Kerbside rubbish (landfill bin). Details on individual items can be found at 
Clothing and textiles

Sell or donate if in good condition. 

If damaged, recycle at clothing retailers H&M and Zara. Some op-shops will accept damaged clothing for rags, always ask first. Local mechanics and painters may also be able to use them for rags. 

Food and garden waste Compost bin, worm farm or kerbside food and green waste bin

The A to Z waste guide is available to view on Council’s website at

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