The all-new force tackling kerbside waste in Cardinia Shire

Published: 9 March 2021

There’s an all-new force tackling kerbside waste in Cardinia Shire!

Council is excited to introduce 16 new waste trucks which will replace the previous fleet and help to deliver a more efficient, sustainable and safer kerbside waste service for Cardinia Shire's growing community. 

The new trucks are fitted with advanced technology, including motion sensors, GPS tracking and features that can help spot contamination to prevent waste going to the wrong place.   

Cardinia Shire Mayor Councillor Brett Owen said that while these new trucks can assist in reducing contamination, it’s important that residents use the right bin to avoid contamination occurring in the first instance. 

“We know that bin contamination is an issue across the waste and recycling sector. While our new trucks are a great addition to our waste services and bin education program, it’s important that we’re all familiar with what can and cannot be placed in our kerbside bins, and which bins to use for different type of household waste” Cr Owen said. 

"When you put the wrong items in your bin or bag your recycling, it can contaminate the recoverable items and cause quality recyclables to be sent to landfill. Items such as plastic bags or textiles can also damage equipment and make the sorting process more expensive. 

“We know our residents want to do the right thing and that’s why we encourage everyone to check out Council’s comprehensive A to Z waste guide at” 

Cr Owen explained that the new collection trucks are safer, smarter and more sustainable than previous models.  

“Our new trucks help us collect waste more efficiently, reduce contamination and keep our community safer than ever before. They also use less fuel making them better for the environment,” Cr Owen said. 

“The new GPS tracking system helps keep trucks on track with collections and means we can adjust collection routes to be even more productive.  

“Drivers can also use the new technology to report issues as they happen, such as broken bins and incorrect bin contents, and upload photos instantly so Council officers can follow up with residents in real-time.” 

Cr Owen also reminded residents that it is crucial that we all do the right thing and use the right bin when disposing of household waste.  

To view Cardinia Shire’s new waste truck fleet, visit

Or, for more information about Cardinia Shire’s waste services, visit Council’s website at or call the waste team on 1300 787 624. 

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